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10 Tips on How to Go Green with Your Car - Guest Post

Anyone and everyone who has a car will admit that they love the freedom, independence, accessibility and luxury. But keeping the love comes at a cost. The impact of the environment and the increase of petrol prices should make us think before we stick the key in the ignition.

The use of cars, trucks, SUV’s and motorcycles has contributed to the change in climate, pollution and even disease.

Therefore, there are many ways for you to help the environment by making your driving life greener.

1.Driving a Green Car

Green cars, also referred to as environmentally friendly vehicles, create a harmless effect on the environment compared to conventional engine cars run on petrol or diesel.

A variety of green vehicles are powered on non-conventional fuels such as; biodiesel, bio-alcohol, hydrogen, non-fossil methane, vegetable oil and other biomass sources.  Biodiesel the popular fuel can be relatively found easily and is used as a clean replacement for petrol or diesel. It’s usually composed of a vegetable based, carbon neutral fuel, which will run in any diesel vehicle with no negative effect on the engine. 

Determined green drivers prefer vegetable oil as an alternative fuel option due to it being virtually free.

Another green option is driving a hybrid car also known as an electric vehicle. These cars consist of a combination of a conventional engine and an electric system for a better performance. They offer an improved mileage distance, unpolluted emissions with the ability to save money on gas.

For an example of hybrid cars you can visit this site.

2.Best Practices of Driving Green

A persons fuel economy is affected by a person’s driving technique. The avoidance of sudden starting, stopping and driving in accordance to the speeding limit, as speeding is dangerous and could have a damaging effect on your MPG. Even if no damage was caused during a crash. It’s still costly to purchase a new bumper or get your car repainted. Remember to always drive wisely and decrease miles by doing errands in one trip, getting directed wisely and work ahead.  

3.Stay Tuned

Firstly, ensure to tune up, maintain and clean your air filters regularly, as this will help you burn less fuel and avoid any car trouble in the foreseen future. Secondly, ensure your tires are properly inflated all year round, as this will save you money on petrol each year. Thirdly, remove the junk from the trunk, as all that weight in the back is weakening your fuel economy.

4.Carbon Offset

Many services are currently available to help you compute your emissions each year from driving and balance the greenhouse gases through various resources.

5.Car Sharing

This is the sharing of car travels to allow more than one person travel a long side the driver in the car. This can be done through the aid of coworkers, family, friends, neighbors or anybody who is heading in the same direction.

Car sharing has many advantages such as; the reduction of a person’s fuel costs, tolls and the stress of driving.

Car sharing is the green way of life as it’s seen to decrease the emission of carbon, traffic on the roads and the creation of available parking spaces.

Check out carpoolworld for an example.

6.Park the Car at Home

For a change you can either walk, take public transport, ride a bike or if you want to seem cooler, by skateboarding, rollerblading or the use of an electric scooter. Groceries and other stuff can be carried on bikes or backpacks.






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