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5 ways construction is going green

Green construction offers more eco-friendly solutions than more traditional building methods and can drastically reduce the carbon footprint created by it, too. If we change how we manufacture building materials to using eco-friendly construction management software, then the result is a world where construction is becoming a more sustainable industry for a greener environment.

1. Going solar

Lots of today’s homeowners are opting for environmentally-friendly power, such as solar water heaters for new construction homes. These heaters are just one component of many that allow the environmentally conscious builders and owners of the world to help reduce their carbon footprint and to help save money on electricity. Solar systems consume far less energy to heat water than would a traditional water heater, so, therefore, help make construction greener. An additional bonus is that solar water heaters can be added to older homes, which makes installations and renovations a good opportunity for consumers to upgrade their home's eco-friendliness.

2. Increasing HVAC system efficacy

Eco-friendly construction companies are making cooling and heating systems of the structures they build and design more environmentally sound. A vast amount of energy is required to cool and heat large office spaces, homes, and a variety of other types of structures, so by making them more efficient, we reduce the amount of energy it takes to effectively run ventilation, heating, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.

3. Choosing the right construction location

Eco-friendly design and building principles don't just take a building’s construction into account, but a variety of other elements as well, including the location. For instance, if we prevent suburban sprawl then we reduce the number of cars on roads. When making the decision of where to place new buildings or homes, we need to consider how their placement will affect their residents and how they can also make eco-friendly adjustments to their lives and routines. An example of these adjustments could include walking to work instead of driving, or riding a bike to the shops or movies instead of driving. Using machinery suitable for the area will also help construction go green. For example, tunnelling machinery is used as an alternative to drilling and blasting and has the advantages of limiting disturbance to the surrounding area, thus significantly making it suitable to use in heavily urbanised areas.

4. Encouraging telecommuting and online video meetings

Technology gives a big boost to move in the direction green construction. Creating a location free office through telecommunications may represent one of the biggest game changers in terms of business resource use. The concept involves outsourcing as much work as possible to remote work, for example, holding business meetings via video messaging programmes such as Skype. With a world connected by technology and the internet, this is more easy to do than ever. By shifting a business in this direction as much as possible, construction companies will be creating enormous amounts of savings for themselves and employees.

5. Creating and inspiring a new mindset

Green design and construction and design continues to increase and expand as awareness grows of the impact of new construction on the environment. Thus, over time, there will be increased development of eco-friendly processes that will evolve with an emphasis on higher efficiency and greater sustainability in green construction and waste management. This new mindset will help keep green construction on the rise.


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