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Green Column by Sharad Agarwal
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How You Can Get the Best Goose Feather and Down Duvet for Your Home

Aside from your own personal needs, you also need to take into consideration the time of year or the season when choosing your bedding. By choosing the right weight and filling of your Luxura goose feather and down duvet, you can rest assured that your bed will have the most suitable temperature for your sleep.

Generally speaking, you should choose the right type of filling (whether it's natural or non-allergenic), as well as the tog rating (whether it's high or low).

Natural Duvets or Non-Allergenic Duvets?

Natural Duvets

The fillings used in natural duvets are either feathers or down, or a combination of both. These kinds of bedding are very comfortable, and they are available in different weights as well. This kind of duvet offers great warmth because feathers and down effectively trap air.

What is the difference between down and feather?

Basically, feather is flat and it has a curved shape. There is also a quill shaft in a feather that runs in between its fibres. In comparison to down, feather is heavier and firmer as well,

Down, on the other hand, is a three-dimensional cluster of filaments that are very fine and don't have any quill shaft that run between them. Down is also considered an excellent insulation material, and this makes it a perfect choice for duvets.

Since goose feather and down duvets are warm and comfortable in nature, you can expect great quality from both materials.

Non-Allergenic Duvets

These types of duvets have fillings that are made of synthetic fibres, such as hollowfibre, silk, and microfibre. An important characteristic of such materials is that they are free from dust mites, which makes them a great option for those with allergies.

Tog Rating

The warmth of a goose down and feather is indicated in its tog rating. High tog rating results in a warmer duvet. In short, a goose feather and down duvet 10.5 tog is not as warm as a goose feather and down duvet 13.5 tog.

The tog rating that a white goose feather and down duvet has depends on its ability to keep or trap warm air. As long as your natural duvets have god quality feather or down filling, you can expect them to have better thermal properties compared to synthetic duvets. 

Whatever material is used for a duvet's filling, the level of warmth still depends on its tog rating. This means that a goose feather and down duvet 13.5 tog is going to be as warm as a 13.5 tog synthetic duvet. But you will feel that a goose down and feather duvet is lighter.

Why Is a Duvet Casing Important?

Many people love their Luxura goose feather and down duvet all seasons because of its fluffiness and durability. The filling used in these duvets remains evenly spread because they are quilted and stitched with a diamond or box casing. These duvets also come with baffle walls that help increase the loftiness of the duvets by ensuring that feathers and down won't get trapped in the seams.

Although Luxura's goose feather and down duvet king size is safe for machine-washing, experts still recommend that they be washed by professional to keep its quality. This will also protect your duvet from dust mites.


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