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Green Column by Sharad Agarwal
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Progress on Global Energy Goals Slow, but Strong Gains in Countries Show Promise

The world is not on track to meet the global energy targets for 2030 set as part of the Sustainable Development Goals, but real progress is being made in certain areas – particularly expansion of access to electricity in least developed countries, and industrial energy efficiency, according to a new report from five international agencies.

Renewable energy is making impressive gains in the electricity sector, although these are not being matched in transportation and heating – which together account for 80% of global energy consumption.

While global trends are disappointing, recent national experiences around the world offer encouraging signs. There is mounting evidence that with the right approaches and policies, countries can make substantial in clean energy and energy access, and improve the lives of millions of people.

Tracking SDG7: The Energy Progress Report, launched at the Sustainable Energy for All Forum today, is the most comprehensive look available at the world’s progress towards the global energy targets on access to electricity, clean cooking, renewable energy and energy efficiency.  

The following are some of the main findings of the report. Findings are based official national-level data and measure global progress up to 2015 for renewable energy and energy efficiency, and 2016 for access to electricity and clean cooking.

Access to Electricity

One billion people – or 13% of the world’s population – still live without electricity. Sub-Saharan Africa, and Central and South Asia continue to be the areas of the world with the largest access deficits. Almost 87% of the world’s people without electricity live in rural areas.
The number of people gaining access to power has been accelerating since 2010, but needs to ramp up further to achieve universal access to electricity by 2030. If current trends continue, an estimated 674 million people will still live without electricity in 2030.
Some of the strongest gains were made in Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania, which all increased their electricity access rate by 3% or more annually between 2010 and 2016. Over the same period, India provided electricity to 30 million people annually, more than any other country. Sub-Saharan Africa’s electrification deficit has begun to fall in absolute terms for the first time.
Tens of millions of people now have access to electricity through solar home systems or connected to mini-grids. However, these remain concentrated in about a dozen pioneering countries where penetration of solar electricity can reach as much as 5-15% of the population.
Clean Cooking

Three billion people – or more than 40% of the world’s population – do not have access to clean cooking fuels and technologies. Household air pollution from burning biomass for cooking and heating is responsible for some 4 million deaths a year, with women and children at the greatest risk.
Parts of Asia have seen access to clean cooking outpace growth in population. These positive outcomes were driven largely by widespread dissemination of LPG or piped natural gas. In India, Pakistan, Indonesia and Vietnam, the population with access to clean cooking technologies grew by more than 1% of their population annually.
In Sub-Saharan Africa, however, population growth in recent years has outstripped the number of people gaining access to clean cooking technologies by a ratio of four to one.
Clean cooking continues to lag the furthest behind of all the four energy targets, due to low consumer awareness, financing gaps, slow technological progress, and lack of infrastructure for fuel production and distribution. If the current trajectory continues, 2.3 billion people will continue to use traditional cooking methods in 2030.
Energy Efficiency

There is mounting evidence of the uncoupling of growth and energy use. Global gross domestic product (GDP) grew nearly twice as fast as primary energy supply in 2010-15. Economic growth outpaced growth in energy use in all regions, except for Western Asia, where GDP is heavily tied to energy-intensive industries, and in all income groups. However, progress continues to be slow in low income countries, where energy intensity is higher than the global average.
Globally, energy intensity – the ratio of energy used per unit of GDP – fell at an accelerating pace of 2.8% in 2015, the fastest decline since 2010. This improved the average annual decline in energy intensity to 2.2 % for the period 2010-2015. However, performance still falls short of the 2.6% yearly decline needed to meet the SDG7 target of doubling the global rate of improvement in energy efficiency by 2030.
Improvement in industrial energy intensity, at 2.7% per annum since 2010, was particularly encouraging, as this is the largest energy consuming sector overall. Progress in the transport sector was more modest, especially for freight transportation, and is a particular challenge for high-income countries. In low and middle-income countries, the energy intensity of the residential sector has been increasing since 2010.
Six of the 20 countries that represent 80 percent of the world’s total primary energy supply, including Japan and the US, reduced their annual primary energy supply in 2010-15 while continuing to grow GDP – indicating a peak in energy use. Among the large energy-intensive developing economies, China and Indonesia stood out with annual improvement exceeding 3 percent.
Renewable Energy

As of 2015, the world obtained 17.5% of its total final energy consumption from renewable sources, of which 9.6% represents modern forms of renewable energy such as geothermal, hydropower, solar and wind. The remainder is traditional uses of biomass (such as fuelwood and charcoal).
Based on current policies, the renewable share is expected to reach just 21% by 2030, with modern renewables growing to 15%, falling short of the substantial increase demanded by the SDG7 target.
Rapidly falling costs have allowed solar and wind to compete with conventional power generation sources in multiple regions, driving the growth in the share of renewables in electricity to 22.8% in 2015. But electricity accounted for only 20% of total final energy consumption that year, highlighting the need to accelerate progress in transport and heating.
The share of renewable energy in transport is rising quite rapidly, but from a very low base, amounting to only 2.8% in 2015. The use of renewable energy for heating purposes has barely increased in recent years and stood at 24.8% in 2015, of which one third was from modern uses.
Since 2010, China’s progress in renewable energy alone accounted for nearly 30% of absolute growth in renewable energy consumption globally in 2015. Brazil was the only country among the top 20 largest energy consumers to substantially exceed the global average renewable share in all end uses: electricity, transport and heating. The UK’s share of renewable energy in total final energy consumption grew by 1% annually on average since 2010 – more than five times the global average.
Tracking SDG7: The Energy Progress Report is a joint effort of the International Energy Agency (IEA), the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD), the World Bank, and the World Health Organization (WHO).

“It is clear that the energy sector must be at the heart of any effort to lead the world on a more sustainable pathway,” said Dr Fatih Birol, the Executive Director of the International Energy Agency (IEA). “There is an urgent need for action on all technologies, especially on renewables and energy efficiency, which are key for delivering on three critical goals – energy access, climate mitigation and lower air pollution. The IEA is committed to leading this agenda and working with counties around the world to support clean energy transitions.” 

“Falling costs, technological improvements and enabling frameworks are fueling an unprecedented growth of renewable energy, which is expanding energy access, improving health outcomes, and helping to tackle climate change, while also creating jobs and powering sustainable economic growth,” said IRENA Director-General Adnan Z. Amin. “At the same time, this tracking report is an important signal that we must be more ambitious in harnessing the power of renewable energy to meet sustainable development and climate goals, and take more deliberate action to achieve a sustainable energy future.”

“This detailed report describing the progress so far on SDG7 is a testament to the collaboration of the five international agencies on providing quality and comprehensive data and delivering a common message regarding the progress towards ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all,” said Stefan Schweinfest, Director of the Statistics Division of UN DESA. “Still, there is a need for improving statistical systems that collect energy information in those countries where the most pressing energy issues remain to be addressed. Better data are needed to inform policy accurately, particularly developing countries, least developed countries, landlocked developing countries, and small island developing States. For this, investments in energy statistical systems are essential.”

“The experience of countries that have substantially increased the number of people with electricity in a short space of time holds out real hope that we can reach the billion people who still live without power,” said Riccardo Puliti, Senior Director for Energy and Extractives at the World Bank. “We know that with the right policies, a commitment to both on-grid and off-grid solutions, well-tailored financing structures, and mobilization of the private sector, huge gains can be made in only a few years. This in turn is having real, positive impacts on the development prospects and quality of life for millions of people.”

“It is unacceptable that in 2018, 3 billion people still breathe deadly smoke every day from cooking with polluting fuels and stoves. Every year, household air pollution kills around 4 million people from diseases including pneumonia, heart disease, stroke, lung disease and cancer,” said Dr Maria Neira, Director, Department of Public Health, Environmental and Social Determinants of Health, at the World Health Organization (WHO). “By expanding access to clean affordable household energy, the global community has the power to lift a terrible health burden from millions of marginalized people – in particular women and young children who face the greatest health risks from household air pollution.”

“As we take stock of progress towards the global goal on sustainable energy, this latest data clearly shows more action and political leadership is needed if we are to live up to our promise to leave no one behind,” said Rachel Kyte, Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General and CEO of Sustainable Energy for All. “To meet 2030 targets, we must make every unit of energy work harder. We need to increase investment in the technologies and business models that make electricity access affordable for everyone, place even bigger bets on the remarkable capacity of renewable energy and build big markets for clean fuels and cooking access. World leaders put the promise of leaving no one behind at the heart of the Sustainable Development Goals, and now is the time for that promise to become reality.”

It is the fourth edition of this report, formerly known as the Global Tracking Framework (GTF). The report can be downloaded at Funding for the report was provided by the World Bank’s Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP).


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Financial Times names Masdar City best free zone for renewable energy
Carbon Credits Drive Green Funding in Dubai
DEWA to promote sustainable development in the UAE
SCAD records 6 percent growth in electricity production from solar energy
Emirates Post issued a set of postage stamps for the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development
DEWA's Water Reservoirs to be Powered by Solar Photovoltaic Systems
The National Climate Change Plan and the National Climate Adaptation Program are UAE's Significant Achievements in Combating Climate Change
Xposure, Zooms in on Global Environmental Issues
Three Ways to Improve Your Health, Happiness and Productivity
ADFD, IRENA Open New Round of Funding for Renewable Energy Projects in Developing Countries
UAE highlights climate action achievements at COP23 in Bonn
GCC countries adopt draft UAE regulations for electric vehicles
Coca-Cola in Western Europe Sets Ambitious New Sustainability Commitments
Green Lifestyle Choice. Basic Tips and Tricks
Labels promote sustainable forest management
Switching To Renewable Energy Could Save The GCC USD 55-87 BN By 2030
du organized Waste Management Forum in Support of the UAEs Green Economy Vision
Renewable Energy Can Be Strengthened in Next Round of Climate Negotiations
MyFarms Announced as Field to Markets Newest Technology Partner
4 Environmental Benefits of Sun Grown Cannabis
19th Sustainability Meetup in Dubai
Clean-Up Arabia 2017 Campaign Concludes in Abu Dhabi
ADWEA, Masdar discuss cooperation during Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week
Ministry of Energy launches Innovation AWARD in Energy & Water
Henkel Hosts Local and Regional Media Partners to Sessions Surrounding ‘Creating Sustainable Value’
ABB technology helps Dubai develop smart solar strategy
Dubai Municipality gears up for Clean Up The World campaign
Solar Project in Mozambique wins Dubai-Based Phanes Group’s First Solar Incubator
Dubai Carbon and Bit.b to Help Boost Dubais Green Economy Efforts
Integrated technologies to recover metal and plastic from electronic waste
WWF to participate in UN climate talks at COP 23
UAE Holds Smart Cities Forum To Promote Culture Of Sustainability Introduces Swell Hydration bottles in UAE
Jury Selects 2018 Zayed Future Energy Prize Winners
VTT to develop new enzymes found in Indias wildfire-prone areas for biorefineries
The current state of the worlds energy sector
Nuclear energy drives global economic growth and sustainable development
Arab Future Cities Summit 2017 begins in Dubai
Three ways to keep your children entertained outdoors this autumn
554 new Toyota Camry Electric Hybrid to join Dubai Taxi Corporation
Nissan tests fully autonomous prototype technology on streets of Tokyo
DEWA completes 453 photovoltaic installations as part of Shams Dubai
More than 500 Scientists and Renewable Energy Experts to Convene in Abu Dhabi for 2017 Solar World Congress
Innogy and Dubai Carbon launch first of its kind crowd-investment platform using blockchain
Growing number of renewable energy projects displayed at WETEX 2017
Nissan unveils IMx zero-emission concept at Tokyo Motor Show
ENOC's second edition of Energy & Efficiency Report sets industry benchmark
Apple's Tim Cook plants trees at Iggesund, acknowledges Holmen\'s climate-smart efforts
ENOC Group to power all future service stations
DP World and Dubai Carbon Collaborate to Facilitate Crowdfunding for Renewables Energy Projects
Going Green With Online Classes? 4 Mobile Hacks for More Effective Online Learning
Schneider Electric Showcases Latest Energy-efficient Grid, Water Technologies at WETEX 2017
DP World and Jafza showcase sustainability projects at WETEX
DC PRO Engineering to play leading role in Australia’s drive towards greener future with opening of two offices Down Under
Masdar to showcase pioneering clean energy projects at 19th annual WETEX exhibition
Launch of Green Week at Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre
OSVfinder launches the first online chartering platform for energy market
Tristar supports UN Sustainability Development Goals on road safety
Tahdeeth. An Innovative Approach to Tracking the Sustainable Development of Sharjah
Etihad Energy Services Company (ESCO) Upholds Excellence in Sustainability
Ministry of Climate Change and Environment to Launch UAE Third Biosecurity Conference in Dubai under Theme ‘Biosecurity is Everyone’s Responsibility’
All sectors of UAE society will need to work together to tackle climate change
Kuwait keen on achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals
Dubai Tourism introduces sustainability initiative to hotels of Jumeirah Group
Environment Agency Abu Dhabi publishes guide to reduce construction and demolition waste
Carpet Cleaning: Go Green with These 5 Amazing Tips
Dubai Environment Outlook Traces Path To Sustainability
How is the Logistics Industry going green?
DEWA to instal solar carports at its headquarters and at the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment building
New Green Rating system will recognise students and teachers for promoting and participating in proactive environmental practices
du Keeps its Office and Shop Environments Healthy
Cooperation agreement to support Renewable Energy projects in 16 Caribbean Island Countries
Greater Urgency Required to Tackle Emissions Challenge
World Green Economy Summit (WGES) 2017 to shed light on green financing for sustainable growth and development
EGA hosts Minister of Climate Change & Environment and industry leaders at event on re-using industrial waste as part of ‘UAE Toward Cleaner Production’ initiative
Ministry of Climate Change and Environment Launches Installation of Artificial Caves in Fishing Waters off Ras Al Khaimah
Choose these heat tolerant flowers for your loved ones in Dubai
Nissan Shares its Vision for the Future of Mobility at Smart & Sustainable Transportation Summit
The most eco-friendly ways to travel
Five ways to make parcel delivery more environmentally friendly
German start-up receives US$90 million to build flying taxi
Smart monitoring technology is the best way to track energy, water and waste
MD & CEO of DEWA inaugurates Smart & Sustainable Transportation Summit in Dubai
Teijin Aramid supporting student teams in solar car race
Dubai to get Solar Power Day and Night without subsidy at Lower Cost than Gas-fired Electricity
RTA installs speed-related smart signs within school zones
Top simple ways to stay green in school
How To Have An Eco-Friendly Location
DEWA launches several awareness campaigns & initiatives in summer
3 Unique Ideas To Remove Your Home Waste
Empower reinstates its position in carbon neutral practices
6 Easy To Follow but Highly Effective Car Tips and Tricks
Arabia CSR Network to hold three-day training course in Dubai on new sustainability reporting standards
UL and the GCC Laboratories Announce Joint Venture to Strengthen the Middle East’s Renewable Energy Infrastructure
World Green Economy Organisation launches Financial Sector Platform to mobilise green investments
An environmental group is suing China\'s food delivery giants
China detects rising radiation levels in areas close to North Korean nuclear blast site
Dubai Municipality installs solar panel cleaning robots
Phanes Group Opens African Solar Power Incubator to Unlock Potential of Energy in the Region
UAE presents its environmental efforts at international forum in Bali
Abu Dhabi City Municipality continues to achieve goals of 'Green Abu Dhabi' campaign
Arabia CSR Network to discuss the developmental process of sustainability reports in Gulf institutions
UAEU students take inspiration from nature to develop healthy water for global benefit
The new Nissan LEAF: raising the bar for electric vehicles
Ministerial Meeting Gathers in Italy to Scale-Up Geothermal Energy Worldwide
Telstra releases Bigger Picture 2017 Sustainability Report
Ford Reports Its Environmental Progress Across Business
DEWA progresses with AED260 million water project
FMCG Industry Heads to Centre Mont Royal, Montréal for Sustainable Retail Summit
Nestlé Waters North America Donates More Than 1 Million Bottles of Water to Hurricane Harvey Relief
Bahri Ship Management Complies with EU CO2 Emission Plan Requirements Ahead of Schedule
How to Go Green in Your House
Water company offers free home recycling service for PET plastic bottles
Schneider Electric announces the 12 finalist teams for Go Green in the City 2017
Inherent Beauty Serum: Simple Solution for Recovering Your Skin
Al-Futtaim Motors and dnata invest in eco-efficient transport solutions
Excellence in-line with the Vision of Year of Zayed
Entire TIME Hotels portfolio receives Green Key award in recognition of continued sustainability initiatives
Eco-Friendly College Students: 8 Easy Ways to Go Green
De La Terre Colours new GOTS certified plant based dyes
dnata commits to a greener future with its new recycling programme
How to Run and Operate an Eco-Friendly Business Courier Service
Empower’s ‘Smile at 24 degrees campaign records saving of 5.2 per cent energy in the second month
Careem appoints Nadia Rouchdy as Head of Sustainability and Social Impact
ENOC recognised for innovative energy management initiatives
A Quarter of India's Energy Demand Can Be Met with Renewable Energy
New study on global warming highlights urgent need for sustained, global action to fight climate change
How Chemical Scrubbers Help The Environment With Odour Control
Green Energy: New trends in how we obtain our power
Electrolux partners with sustainability festival The Stockholm Act
DEWA makes progress in AED210 million water distribution project
Sultanate of Oman prepares to build the first large-scale wind farm in the GCC region
Suqia supports UAE's humanitarian efforts by providing water to the unprivileged around the world
Sustainable Brands Reveals SB'17 Copenhagen Program
18 plants to make your garden bee-friendly (infographic)
How Technology Can Make Your Workplace Go Green
UAE Research Program for Rain Enhancement Science meets with leading researchers in UK
WETEX 2017 to provide unique platform for green solutions, technologies
5 ways construction is going green
International report confirms 2016 was warmest year on record for the globe
Ministry of Climate Change and Environment to Supply 9,500 Tons of Fertilizers to Farmers
CBRE Releases Tenth Annual Corporate Responsibility Report
Ministry of Climate Change and Environment Issues Warning on Japanese Soy Sauce Due to Alcohol Content
ADIB recognised for CSR initiatives from United Nations Global Compact subsidiary
Sustainability Thought Leaders and Innovators to Come Together at Yale University
Attention gardeners, you might be facing termite danger
Everything You Need to Know About Green Printing
First Central Hotel Suites Goes Paperless
AMD Demonstrates Corporate Citizenship in Action
8 Outdoor Activities in Dubai You Probably Haven't Heard About
5 Facts About Tesla & Musk
Singtel Group publishes its third Group Sustainability Report 2017
Masdar Institute Research to Accelerate Development of High-Efficiency Graphene-Based Membranes
Robot vacuum cleaners for pet hair
Why Reusable Bags are Good for the Environment
Is this the end for the red traffic light?
The many Advantages of Cardboard Packaging
How to feel greener in a small house
MENA needs $200bn investment in renewable sector in the short term
Arabia CSR Network receives record-breaking entries to Arabia CSR Awards 2017
Do I need a visa to travel?
Dubai Electricity and Water Authority wins three International CSR Excellence Awards
ABB wins $30 million order to support integration of offshore wind energy in the UK
Ministry of Climate Change and Environment Focuses on Enhancing Awareness of Food Safety Regulation to Improve Customer Confidence
Costs to factor in before travelling
United Nations Federal Credit Union Achieves Carbon Neutrality
Things That Keep You Coming Back To Dubai
The Ministry of Climate Change and Environment Oversees Spraying Organic Pesticide on 26,000 Palm Trees Affected By Dust Spider
Nashville factory to become the first solar powered facility for Husqvarna Group
Empower’s 'Smile at 24 degrees' campaign marks 6.5 per cent reduction in consumption in the first month
Do Communities Really Benefit from Solar Projects?
New training course from Arabia CSR Network seeks to further align regional business practices with global sustainability goals
ABB motor sets world record in energy efficiency
Range Anxiety, What All Electric Drivers Should Know
Empty Ocean Entrepreneurs: Aquaculture, Investing, and the Future of Fish
Edmond De Rothschild Group Publishes Its 2016 Sustainability Report
Landfill to landscape
Green cars dominate 1st ASEAN EV and Hybrid Summit
Canon Europe takes its Young People Programme to the next level
Sustainability at Kingfisher - making it easy for customers
Electronic taps installed at mosques nationwide to save water
TRA Abu Dhabi building achieves Gold LEED certification
UAE joins International Energy Charter as observer
Text Links Drive Traffic To Your Web Site
Dubai Chamber and Dulsco host workshop to highlight sustainability best practices in Dubai
Globe Express Services widens scope of GHG audit of global facilities as part of environmental sustainability commitment
Tourism, future energy industries committed to curbing emissions
ABB's microgrid to power Aruba and support transition to renewable energy
Turning air into water and CO2 into fuel, quantum computing among 'Emerging Technologies 2017'
Solar Energy - The Key To Tackle Climate Change And Meeting Increasing Energy Demands
Masdar to provide technical advisory services and explore renewable energy solutions for DP World's ports and free zones in the Middle East and Africa
Danish energy company reduces emissions faster than science demands
UAE is leading the world in renewable energy
Food waste is serious economic, environmental issue
Empower distributes 5100 Iftar meals during Ramadan
Three Ways Businesses Can Brighten Up Their Office Space
Municipality donates 100,000 lamps to Dubai's government housing projects
Market forces will drive climate change efforts as US exits Paris agreement
UAE energy strategy to save up to AED700 billion by 2050
The Most Naturally Beautiful Places to Visit in Cuba
Minister of Climate Change and Environment Releases 30,000 Fish in Marine Protected Areas in Dibba, Fujairah
Clinova unveils a new hydration initiative to debut a new lifestyle for fasting individuals in the UAE
Taqdeer Award extends awareness campaign
Authority Links help in Search Engine Optimisation
The Most Environmentally Friendly Cities in America
Fuel from the air technology provides a path to new business for OPEC countries
Finland has the world’s most energy-saving supermarket
Invisible Solar Cells
UAE Delegation Marks Successful Participation at United Nations 'The Ocean Conference' in New York
Assuming easy carbon removal from the atmosphere is a high-stakes gamble, Stanford scientists say
IRENA Expands Effort to Drive Corporate Renewable Energy Use
IRENA and State Grid of China to Cooperate on Accelerating Energy Transition
Caralyn University Offers Generous Scholarships for Girls Education
How to be a Greener Student
Some Of The Finest Natural Wilderness: Hawaii
Best 6 Electric Cars in 2017
Are tankless water heaters the way to go? See what this modern approach on water heating promises
Why Flying First Class No Longer Represents the Ultimate in Executive Travel
Your Conservation Efforts Can Make a Big Difference
How to turn your corporation green
Maximizing Net Energy Gain From Mining
What is happening with digital currency in the UAE?
A Step Further To Singapore's Renewable Resources
Eco-Friendly Remodeling Tips for Your Home Improvement Project
The 5 Secrets to Staying Young as You Age
Green Investing: Renewable Energy Stocks on the Rise
Business Travel: Will Private Jet Become More Popular Than First-Class?
Ways to improve your property landscape to boost home value
What is the Environmental Impact of Smoking?
Preventing Cancer, Tips to Reduce Your Risk
Are Cruises No Longer for 'Old People'?
3Degrees and Origin Climate Unite
Water for People and the Tableau Foundation Harness the Power of Data to Bring Clean Water to More than 7 Million People
Tips that Will Help to Select an Essay Topic
How not to Lose Money and Choose a Proper Service for Assignment Writing
Water Sustainability to dominate the inaugural edition of Future Cities Show
Essay on the Green Revolution
Digital Proficiency: Paperless Solutions to Save Time, Money and the Planet in Your Business
5 Vitamins for a Vegan to Focus On
Euro 6 emissions and how it could impact the world we live in
Going green involves using green solutions
How to Make Your Rental Property More Environmentally Friendly
Transport systems face disruption by extreme weather
Three Key Pieces of Tech All Modern Businesses Should Consider Investing In
Empower registers 13.6 per cent growth in number of buildings connected to its services in 2016
Can Dubai Become a Forex Trading Powerhouse and Also Go Green?
Dealing with Pet Health Emergencies
Polluted environments kill 1.7 million children each year, UN health agency reports
Panasonic Eco Solutions to Address Residential Water Supply Systems
Commonly Asked Questions in Academic Interviews
The Shocking Truth About Essay Writing Services
Sink Traps And Their Importance For The Environment
How to lose weight by eating green
Reducing Your Carbon Footprint this Winter
How To Care For Your Office Plants?
Seven Tips for a Permaculture Garden
How To Rank High In Google in 2017?
The Environmentally Friendly Way to Go: Why Artificial Turf Makes a Positive Difference
How to drive more eco-friendly
What Does a Green Economy Look Like Under a Trump Presidency?
Artificial Grass Supplier
The Main Reasons Why Having a TM44 Inspection is Important
5 Places to Ride in Autumn
5 Reasons Why Cycling in Autumn is Awesome
How You Can Get the Best Goose Feather and Down Duvet for Your Home
Plant the Seeds for a Bright Future: Advance Planning is the Key to a Successful Farming Venture
Growing Your Farm - Sources for Planting Your Future Seeds of Sustainability
Will the Internet of Things Make Us More Eco-Friendly in the Future?
Benefits Your Business Can Get Website Design And Web Development Services
Waterproof Quilted Mattress Protector - Tips for Choosing the Best Mattress Firmness
How to Reduce the Amount of Waste in Your Home - 5 Tricks to Consider
Feeding the World's Expanding Cities with Urban Agriculture
Cars, Clothes or Even Toys: Good Eco-Friendly Choices Without Resorting To Life In A Cave
Simple Tips To Save Big on Fuel Expenses
How Different Industries Are Slowly Becoming More Eco-Friendly
How Recycling Helps to Improve the Environment
Stop Water Waste: Simple Things Every Homeowner can do to Conserve Water
Tools That Every Homeowner Should Have For Their Yard
The Future of Sustainable Building: Kit Homes, Weed and Garbage
Ecological Eye Openers : Why Using Less Paper and Plastic Means Using Less Water
Quick and easy ways to reduce your home's carbon footprint
How construction firms are cutting their carbon footprint
How Gambling Is Affecting The Economy's Growth
Cars and Fuel Efficiency: Are We Winning the War or Simply Spinning Our Wheels?
Stop Wasting Time and Start green car
How Can Car Manufacturers Make Their Vehicles More Sustainable?
Building A New City? This Is What You Need To Know!
Middle East Lays Foundations for Green Housing
The Fantasy Faceoff – Twilight Breaking Dawn pt2 v Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows pt2
Paris Agreement Adopted, Conclusion of COP21 Marks the Beginning of Concerted Global Efforts to Combat Climate Change
Creating Your Green Oasis
Las Vegas Casinos could Go Green and See More Green
Ready for Anything: Tips for Getting Kids Involved in Emergency Planning
Protecting Your Family: When Survival Meets Preparedness
Go Green in Your Office Using Eco-Friendly Office Supplies
Waste Not, Want Not: The Amazingly Versatile Coconut Tree
Why Choose Recycled for Your Diamond
Home Heating: Is It Time to Update Those Ugly, Noisy Radiators?
Home Safety: Is It Time to Replace That Old Carbon Monoxide Monitor?
How can dehumidification of your basement help your health?
How Car Manufacturers are Changing the Landscape of Green Technology
How To Take Care of Your Car Properly?
Does Car Washing Detergent Make a Difference?
Make a Difference by Upgrading your Appliances
Commercial Going Green For 2015
Green Has Three Rs -- and they all matter
Solar Roadways: A Clear Path to a Brighter and Safer Future
BP Oil Spill Still Wrecking Havoc On Area Wildlife
Make Your Windows More Efficient By Fixing Air Leaks
10 Tips on How to Go Green with Your Car - Guest Post
A Smart Solution for Completely Green and Eco-Friendly Roof Restorations - Guest Post
A Greener Tomorrow Requires a Sustainable Today - by Becky Wilcox
Grow Food, Not Lawns - by Becky Wilcox
Improve Life & Savings with Energy Efficient Appliances - Guest Post
Climate Change mitigation requires a global solution
Modern Renewable Energy Solution from Plastics - Guest Post
Solar is the fastest growing energy source in the world - Sharad Agarwal
Investing in Alternative Energy Indexes
Anantara Desert Resort Proves Green Credentials
The Secrets to a Sustainable Business - Sharad Agarwal
Green Moving Tips for College Students - Guest Post
How Casinos Are Going Green - Guest Post
A shirt that you can wear for 100 days without Washing or ironing - How Green is that?
What Geotechnical Engineering Is and Why It\'s Critical to Your Firm\'s Project - Guest Post
Teaching children how to be eco-friendly - Guest Post
Solar Energy is the Answer
Plastic takes over 500 hundred years to disintegrate
Taking green responsibilities seriously - Guest Post
Benefits of Arboricultural and Ecology Consultancy by Arbtech - Guest Post
Eco-friendly technology: The best way to get green light - Guest Post
Tips for beginners to make eco-friendly home improvements - Guest Post
Green Manufacturing - Guest post
Hurricane Sandy - A Wake up call
How to go eco-friendly without going bankrupt
Importance of Environmental CSR Initiatives
Vertical Farming is the Answer
Eco-Friendly Ways to Clean the House - Guest Post
2012 - Green Up Your Life
World Population Explodes
Green Halloween
Green Tips from
Graphene - The next big wonder material for generating energy
Was Gandhi Green?
10 Good Reasons to Plant A Tree
Plastic soda bottles can now be a source of light!
Carbon Trading Glossary
Bamboo - Eighth Wonder of the World?
What uses Watt?
Why Eat Organic Food?
e - for environment
The Water Footprint
Can renewable energy provide a 24x7 solution?
Go Green With Cloud Computing
Oxo Biodegradable?
How Cool is the Cool Biz Program?
Do you have an Environmental Affairs Policy?
Yes we can make a difference
Green Products that I use in my Daily Life
Easy Ways to reduce your carbon footprint
Solar Energy holds the Key
Each One of Us Can Make A Difference - Here is How
Bamboo as a Fabric
Earth Hour - Each one of us can make a difference
The Anatomy of a Tsunami
Zero Waste
The Case for Plantable Paper
The demand for sustainable paper products
NIMBY - Not In My Backyard
Is nuclear energy good for the environment?
The Alphabet of Ecology
Cloud Computing Helps Reduce Carbon Footprint
The Rise of Collaborative Consumption
2011 - Time to Go Green
The Carbon Footprint of the Internet
Carbon, Carbon, Carbon
The Cancun Climate Summit footprint represents a shoe size of 46
The Time to Act is NOW
The solution lies in 'energy efficient lighting'
Climate Change is a REALITY
The importance of recycling bottles
Environmental migrants - Dealing with a new reality
"Green Guides"
What is Sustainability?
Think Green - Act Green
Environmental benefits of recycling
Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
What is Fair Trade?
Living Planet Report 2010
e-retailing : The Competitive Advantage
20 Ways to Go Green at Home
Business and Environment
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