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EIBTM - Sustainability Driving Business
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EIBTM - Sustainability Driving Business

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EIBTM, the leading global event in the meetings and events industry have implemented numerous initiatives which will contribute towards the overall environmental conscience and business success for the industry whilst delivering an event which is approved by the British Standard for Sustainable Event Management accreditation (BS8901).

Commenting on the initiatives, Reed Travel Exhibitions EIBTM Event Director Graeme Barnett said: “Our climate is changing with potentially substantial implications for our lives, our businesses and our future with the events industry being no exception. As the leading global exhibition for the meetings and events industry, we want to ensure that everyone involved in organising events, understand these trends, and the direct implications they hold for their businesses”.

“One of our key objectives it to educate our stakeholders about ways they can respond to their business objectives in a more sustainable way, as we believe this is the way forward for our industry. Commitment to sustainable actions will help to drive business, retain customers and preserve our environment ”.

EIBTM invites attendees and exhibitors to visit the Sustainable Events Corner, where they can get practical advice and hear from industry experts on key issues and best practice relating to sustainability within the industry.

Rebecca Saunders, Sustainable Consultant from Sustainable Events Limited commented: "The Sustainable Events Corner (stand G800) is integral to supporting EIBTM’s commitment to delivering an environmentally friendly and socially responsible show. Our corner will deliver leading education from industry practitioners and experts sharing best practice and top tips. We will also be providing a complimentary open advice clinic for anyone to come and learn more about event sustainability and a wide range of informative sessions for everyone attending”.

New this year, there will short interactive presentations on the hour throughout the entire show which will include insight from leading industry experts and two industry associations who are leading in the provision of sustainability support to their members, Meetings Professional International (MPI) and the Green Meetings Industry Council (GMIC).

Experts sharing sustainable tips will include Tamara Kennedy-Hill from GMIC, Roger Simons (MPI), Magdalina Yarichkova (Sustainable Events Alliance), Guy Bigwood (MCI) and Andrew Walker (E3 Strategy). There will be a host of topics discussed in short, interactive workshops, as well drop in sessions, for anyone looking for more advice and information. There will also be an advice clinic for anyone wishing to learn more or ask industry leaders specific sustainability questions. Please visit www.eibtm.com/csredu to view full EIBTM sustainable education programme.

This year also sees the return of the Sustainable Stand Award with many exhibitors rising to the challenge and implementing sustainability initiatives. Exhibitors wishing to participate in the award will be required to demonstrate their dedication to sustainability through showing they have considered sustainability in all aspects of their participation at EIBTM. If you are interested in participating in the award, please visit www.eibtm.com/sustainability for the application form or more information.

EIBTM will continue to work closely with the Fira Gran Via to ensure that waste and unused items are disposed of appropriately following the event. Donations will be made to Voluntaris Catalunya following the show and all other waste will be recycled as appropriate. There will also be a team of waste managers onsite to advise contractors about ways to reduce, reuse and recycle materials during build up and breakdown. The Fira also provides a number of recycling points which are available for all exhibitors to use.

EIBTM is again encouraging all exhibitors to take a sustainable approach to CSR through ‘20 Sustainable Actions’. These are actions that exhibitors can implement in their own journey to become more sustainable. Any exhibitor that undertakes five or more of the actions will be recognised on site with a special certificate acknowledging their efforts. Please visit www.eibtm.com/sustainability to view the 20 Sustainable Actions check list.

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