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Sustainable office Design - 5 Tips For Creating A Green Office Space

Everyone is going green – it's a lifestyle that is becoming more than just a buzzword. And this is not just about personal life; it has extended even to the workspaces, and even factories. The whole idea of going green has everything to do with a more sustainable environment and preserving the earth.

Green office spaces are becoming more popular and the demand to transform office spaces to green spaces is growing yearly. If you are considering transforming your office to green office space, we have put together 5 tips that can help you achieve it.

There are numerous benefits to designing a green office space. It can directly impact the carbon footprint of your business, while helping you save cost in the long run, thereby increasing your profit margins at the same time.

Going green can help reduce your energy bills by a substantial margin, and also increase the productivity of your workforce.

Natural Lighting
Natural lighting at your office space can do a lot more than help you save on energy bills. Think about it from a design perspective – natural lighting can provide your office with a relaxing and ambient look, compared to rows of fluorescent lights that line the ceiling of your office. When designing or re-designing your office, factor in natural lighting. You can consider bigger windows (if the building design permits) or avoid interior walls so that the light can go round. Where privacy is necessary, you can make use of glass partitions. 
Where you have to use some artificial lighting, use energy saving lights or low emitting lights.

Another eco-friendly and economical way to cut down your energy consumption is to include insulation in your office space. Also, you should consider installing individual radiators as opposed to a central one, since space will rarely be fully occupied. The same approach should be applied to cooling as well. What this really does is that it allows workers to control the cooling and heating as needed. 

Reduce Water Usage
A key aspect of the eco-friendly approach is water conservation. When designing your office kitchen and bathroom, invest in fittings that allow you to reduce the amount of water that is wasted. There different kinds of fittings that are stylish and can regulate the time and flow of water. 

Proper Ventilation
Your mission to create a green office is not complete if you have not ensured that it is well ventilated. Everyone including you and your works deserves clean air. Make sure that materials and paints are certified as low VOC. Plants do a great job with purifying the air, so you should consider incorporating plants throughout the office space. If your office building design allows for Windows that can be opened, then, by all means, take advantage of that.

Select Green Products
There is more ‘green' office equipment today than there were a decade ago. These office equipment are designed to consume less energy. And not just equipment, we are talking about office furniture. Be sure to check that they are made from sustainable materials. Another thing that you can consider is purchasing refurbished equipment and furniture. You will not only be saving money, but you will be doing the environment a lot of good.
Invest in products that will last longer so you do not need to replace too often. Check that they are assured environmentally friendly. If you are looking for where to buy furniture for your new green office space, visit


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