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10 Tips for Making Your Dubai Home Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

On the Arcadis Index of Sustainable Cities in 2016, the Emirate of Dubai received the highest rank on any Middle Eastern cities, but it was ranked 52th in the world. That is because of the enormous amount of energy that Dubai consumes. In other ways, however, the city is implementing a number of strategies to become more sustainable.

If you, like many people, are becoming more eco-conscious you will be happy to know that there are a number of ways you can make your Dubai apartment or villa, whether in downtown, Dubai Marina or Danube Dubai, more environmentally friendly. Check the 10 ten tips below.

10 Tips for Making Your Home in Dubai Eco-Friendly

1. Stop Using Paper Towels and Switch to Reusable Cloth Towels
When mopping up a spill in the counter or elsewhere, try to use a cloth towel instead of a paper towel to wipe it down. In this way, you are making your home more eco-friendly. It may take a little extra effort to use a cloth towel and then wash it, but when you think that by this you are saving the planet it is a small price to pay. 

2. Use Energy Efficient Lighting to Go Green at Home
Try to use LED or CFL bulbs in your house rather than the traditional bulbs as much as possible. Although they are generally more expensive to buy, they last much longer and so usually save you money in the end. In Dubai, where we have to endure high temperatures for several months of the year, they are also cooler than traditional light bulbs, which emit much more heat.

3. Look out for Low-Energy Devices
Electrical appliances account for over 30% of our energy bills. You can easily embrace a more environment-friendly lifestyle using more energy efficient appliances when it comes to washing machines, refrigerators, dishwashers and more. Not only will you be helping the environment, but you will also end up saving money on your energy bills. So, when you are buying new appliances make sure to check their energy rating: a five star rating means the device in eco-friendly. 

4. Reduce using Plastic Supplies on the Kitchen 
Eliminate single use plastic such a plastic bags by investing in reusable containers. If possible, get rid of plastic completely by using ceramics, glass and steel to cook and store your food. Moreover, stop cooking in non-stick ware and return to traditional pots and pans made of aluminium, steel and cast iron. This is one of the ways to make your home eco-friendly that is also good for your overall health.

5. Repurpose and Reuse Instead of Buying New
Don't throw away empty coffee jars because they can be excellent containers for spices and powders. That would be a good start to achieve the previous tip of using glass instead of plastic containers. Another clever way to reuse items is using biscuit tins made of steel as baking pans. Likewise, before buying new furniture think of creative, eco-friendly alternatives. Wooden doors, for instance, can make great coffee tables. 

6. Watch Your Water Use
Do you keep the tap open while washing the dishes? Or keep the water running while brushing your teeth? Reducing the wastage of water is an important part of making your home eco-friendlier and more sustainable. So, start from now by only use the water when it is necessary, and also checking and repairing any leaks.

7. Wash Your Clothes at 30°C to Save Electricity Usage by 40%
Washing your clothes at a higher temperature means that you are using more energy than required. Except for when dealing with stubborn stains or muddy clothes, 30°C is the ideal temperature to wash your clothes for perfect results while achieving a more sustainable home. 

8. Try Bamboo Alternatives 
Did you know that bamboo is one of the most sustainable and eco-friendly products in the world? It grows quickly under minimum supervision, making it the ideal material to use to make plates, bowls, storage equipment and even furniture. Buy products made of bamboo and integrate more eco-friendly solutions for your home.

9. Insulate Your House and Reduce Carbon Footprint
Dubai is infamous for its high temperatures and even inside extreme heat can make things extremely uncomfortable. The next time you are moving home or buying a property in Dubai, make sure to check that the building is insulated. Good insulation is key to eco-friendly designs in hot climates. This will reduce the need to use A/C and greatly lower your home’s carbon footprint.

10. Switch off and Unplug
This is something all of us should do to avoid fires and other incidents, not just because it is environmentally-friendly. Once you finish charging your phone, get in the habit of unplugging the charger. When you leave a room, turn the lights off. Basically, learn to unplug and switch off devices when not in use to be more eco-friendly at home. 


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