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4 Environmental Benefits of Sun Grown Cannabis

Medical and recreational cannabis have exploded in popularity over the last several years. Many states have actually legalized cannabis and are reaping the benefits of the tax revenue this plant is bringing in. With the increased demand for more high-quality cannabis, many people are starting to dabble in growing their own crops. Most of the people who are passionate about cannabis are also very environmentally conscious. Finding a way to grow this plant without damaging the environment is important and completely possible with the right tools and time. Sun grown cannabis is one of the best ways to grow this plant in an environmentally friend way. The following are just some of the benefits that come with growing sun grown cannabis.

1. This Type of Cannabis Growing Method Does Not Require High-Energy Lighting

People who have indoor cannabis growing operations use a lot of electricity to power the lights they have in place. Studies show that indoor grow operations use around 8 times more energy that traditional commercial buildings use. This means a lot of strain will be put on the environment as a result of running these high-powered indoor lights. Instead of harming the environment, growers can take advantage of the power of natural sunlight. Letting this plant grow naturally and freely will allow you to get the same quality cannabis without having to use the high amount of energy. Not only can these lights use a lot of energy, many of them contain a high amount of mercury. If this mercury is allowed to penetrate the cannabis plants, it can lead to a variety of negative health consequences.

2. Adequately Supplying the Cannabis Plants With Air

An essential part of any successful cannabis grow is an adequate amount of air. If the cannabis plant is unable to get the air it needs, it will usually end up dying off rather quickly. Growing cannabis in an environment with plenty of air has shown to do things like strengthen the stems of the plant and can help to prevent rot and mildew. An adequate supply of air can also maximize plant growth and offers defense against things like gnats and mites. By growing your cannabis plants outdoors, you will be able to keep them well supplied with the air they need to thrive. Trying to use an artificial air system in an indoor grow will use lead to a lot of energy waste.

3. Great For Preserving Natural Soils

Another advantage of sun grown cannabis is that it can be used to preserve the natural ecosystem it is grown in. This more sustainable form of growing is great for farmers looking to do it the old fashioned way. While indoor grows can use some organic products, it is far easier to keep it natural when actually growing the cannabis in soil. The cannabis also contains vital nutrients that can be used to replenish the soil. Using permaculture techniques like companion growing is a great way for a cannabis farmer to keep their soil healthy and mineral rich.

4. A Sustainable Farming Practice

For most new cannabis growers, the appeal of doing it this way is the sustainability factor. When done correctly, sun grown cannabis can help a person live off the land with ease. While it may take a bit of time and research to figure out how to master outdoor cannabis growing methods, it will be worth the effort. Many of the larger cannabis companies, like Kushly, are starting to move to more organic friendly strains and herbs. Getting in on this natural cannabis growing revolution on the ground floor is essential when trying to have success as a grower.

With the right tools and a bit of land, utilizing the power of sun grown cannabis is easy. When first starting out in the world of cannabis growing, you will need to seek out some guidance from more experienced growers so you can avoid rookie mistakes.


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