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5 Main Steps to Choose the Best Step Ladder for Your Home

Every home needs to have a step ladder for easier reach of high areas. For instance, if you are painting your wall, installing a fan, replacing a light bulb or cleaning the top of your shelves or cabinets, the only thing that will effectively aid you to reach them is a step ladder. Since it is a common household item, most homeowners often forget that investing in it takes more than just walking into a store and picking the first one they see. With these 5 proven steps, you will be able to choose the best one for your home. With the countless models in the market, these steps will help you narrow down the available choices. Following this procedure will ensure that that the step ladder you choose upholds safety, versatility and effectiveness when being used.

Choose the Right Style

Step ladders come in a variety of styles ranging from the single-sided step ladder, twin step ladder, folding step ladder to multi-position step ladders. Each of these have their specific functions, and misuse or abuse may lead to injuries and even death. It is always important to discuss your particular needs with the seller and they will recommend the best type for your use at home. For instance, if extra versatility in terms of different heights is what you need, then a multi-position step ladder will be perfect. If you want one that can be used on both sides, then a twin step ladder will work better than a single-sided one. If you can’t find an adjacent surface to bolster an extension ladder and space is an issue, then a folding step ladder is your best bet. Choosing the correct ladder style will ensure that any related chores are done effectively and that your will always be safe when using the ladder.

Find the Perfect Size

When talking about size, we majorly refer to the ladder’s height. The height of the step ladder should be chosen depending on the levels you want to reach. For example, if you want to reach the gutters, then a higher one will be necessary. If you simply want to reach the top shelf of your library, then a shorter one will serve you better. If you plan to use it indoors, you have to make sure that its height can be accommodated within your house otherwise, you may have to find one with an adjustable height. The proper height of your ladder can be determined more accurately by using the height safety charts that may be provided by the manufacturer of the ladder. As a rule of thumb, the right way to use a step ladder is to avoid stepping on the two top steps as this could lead to loss of balance. By obeying this rule, you will definitely be able to find the right ladder height regardless of the number of steps it has.

Consider the Materials and Build Quality

The best step ladder should be sturdy enough to hold the user’s weight and withstand the impact from rougher chores. The materials used in making it as well as the quality of its construction are what determine its strength. The best ones for home use are made of Aluminum, stainless steel, fiberglass and wood among other strong materials. When deciding on the best material, you should also consider other factors such as outdoor storage needs, contact with weather elements, chemicals or electrical connections. The build quality should also be reliable, with strongly secured connections being the safest and most effective. The joints, movable parts and connections should not look or feel flimsy because this could lead to snapping while in use, which may be hazardous. Apart from strength and resistance to breakage, the materials used and the quality of construction will also determine how long it lasts.

Check its Weight Limit

This is also referred to as the duty rating of the ladder. You should always choose one that can accommodate your weight along with that of the materials and tools you want to carry up the ladder. It is best for the weight of the user and the materials or tools to be lower than the maximum load capacity of the ladder. This ensures that you do not topple over with the ladder and that its parts do not snap when using it, thus preventing any accidents. If you own a weighing machine, it will help if you step on it while carrying everything you intend to climb up the step ladder with, just to ensure that the weight doesn’t exceed its duty rating.

What Safety Features are Available?

Safety is paramount when using a ladder and most manufacturers acknowledge this by adding a couple of safety features onto their step ladders. You must look out for such features that make using a them safer. These include locking features to ensure that it is secured in place when being used, texturized or treaded steps to prevent your feet from slipping off the steps when climbing the ladder, anti-slip legs that prevent its legs from sliding over the floor and rubber grips for comfortable grasping when climbing among other features. The best step ladder always comes with multiple safety features to ensure absolute user protection.

With a proper budget, it is easy to find the best step ladder for your home. In addition to the above tips, it helps if you know if you will be using it indoors and/or outdoors as this will come in handy when choosing the height and the type of materials used. You should also consider its size with respect to the available storage options, ease of portability and sturdiness. Those with foldable or overlapping designs are usually the best as they solve the issue of space and ease of transportation without compromising its height and effectiveness. Not adhering by the above tips is a recipe for disaster as you could get into accidents and injure or even kill yourself. These 5 steps are a breeze to follow, and they will help you get the best step ladder for your home without spending a fortune.


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