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5 Simple Ways to Ensure a More Eco-Friendly House Move

Moving house is typically neglected in terms of its carbon footprint on the environment.

This includes the equipment, transport and installations required while moving home.

But here are 5 simple measures that will help make your move much kinder to the environment.

Discard old items

Start organizing household items into those you want to keep and those you want to throw away. Try to do this at least a month before you move house. This will help you declutter your home by discarding items that you don’t need.

Fewer items means the need for a smaller moving vehicle, meaning a cheaper quote from your removal company.

Another benefit is that it will be less stressful unpacking your belongings because there’s less stuff to deal with.

On top of that, because it’s a lighter load, the move is better for the environment because it takes less fuel to get your things to your home.

So remember: you don’t need to take everything from your house.

Consider donating old items you could do without.

This includes: old clothes, shoes and toys you won’t need anymore.

Don’t overlook: household appliances you never use. You could sell or donate them.

Use recyclable cardboard boxes

So many people get deliveries every day. So why buy boxes when you can reuse cardboard boxes up to 4 times. You’re saving money and being kinder to the environment. Result!

Ask your neighbours, friends, local supermarket. Check at work. The options are endless.

Also, a lot of house removal companies have recycled packing material and also have some have even greener alternatives like renting plastic crates. Plastic crates can last up to 500 moves!

Incase you face a situation of bad credit loan, there are avenues for the same.

They would be happy to give it to you and clear space.

Want to go that extra mile?

Unless they do not need the boxes to be returned, you could pass them on to someone who needs them after you or donate them to markets that use recycled goods.

Choose eco-friendly companies

There are several removal companies out there who simply pack your boxes up and transport them to your home. But if you know they are some that are trying to neutralise their carbon emissions as they move your belongings, why wouldn’t you choose them instead?

Select eco-friendly companies that recycle, have updated vehicles that don’t emit high amounts of carbon or are trying to plant trees to offset the carbon they emit in the year.

Have a look at carbon neutral removals sites like this one, which features UK removal companies who are working towards being carbon neutral and setting a fabulous example of how the removals industry can be more eco-friendly.

Go for energy-saving lights

Before you move to the new house, install energy-saving light bulbs everywhere. They might cost you more at first but they will save you electricity costs in the long-run and are also beneficial to the environment.

If you can, install solar panels.

These are again costly but save you long-term electricity bills.

Use eco-friendly detergents

Switch to natural cleaning products as they don’t contain toxic substances that are harmful to the air around you that you’re breathing in and that could be bad for your health.

Being responsible doesn’t have to be time consuming or difficult.

Follow these methods to not only lower your impact on the environment but also to minimize your moving costs.  What more could you want?

Working towards being more eco friendly not only improves the environment. It also sets an example for others, helping your family and future generations.


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