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7 Ways Companies Are Saving Money by Going Green

There’s a lot of buzz around the idea of “going green,” and with good reason. It’s estimated that the world population will encompass as many as 9.7 billion by the year 2050, with the US population alone targeted to reach 394 million. It’s worth it to ask: in thirty years, what kind of world will we be living and working in? How much waste will we have accumulated? How much of our energy and resources will have been depleted?

These questions are important not only on an individual level, but amongst institutions. What are some of the “best practices” your office can adopt in order to save money and to save the environment? Here are seven simple ways that companies can minimize their impact on Mother Earth, and maximize their funds at the same time.

1. Conducting energy audits. One great way to set a precedent in office management is to conduct energy audits. You could track how much energy your home office or department consumes per month and take it up as part of your monthly agenda. This will also be handy documentation for any tax breaks that the state or federal government can grant you for best practices, such as going paperless. Be sure to check for rebates and savings programs in your area.

2. Campaigning for mindful habits around the office. Simple reminders to turn off lights, computers, and faucets will go a long way. Consider leaving signs in the office’s restrooms and kitchens or distributing a company-wide memo.
3. Purchasing refurbished and remanufacture products for less. When someone returns a computer to the store or recycles an electronic machine, where do those products go? They end up being refurbished and remanufactured by the OEM or third-party companies to “like new” condition and sold for a fraction of the price. This reduces landfill waste and saves you a ton of money. For example, buying remanufactured printer ink can cost up to 75% less than buying brand new cartridges!

4. Installing energy-efficient fixtures. One other practical way of addressing skyrocketing utility costs is to invest in more energy-efficient fixtures. One example is LED light bulbs, which require less energy and last longer.
5. Repairing devices instead of buying new ones. In our new world of fast consumerism, it’s tempting to throw out the old and buy something new when things go wrong. An error on a copier or a sluggish computer are often tossed aside for newer models. However, you may be surprised by how affordable it can be to repair devices. There are specialized providers servicing a variety of devices - everything from vacuum and appliances to camera and drone repair.
6. Provide reusable containers and utensils for everyday use. Stock your office pantry with glasses, plates, utensils, and tumblers. This way you can discourage single-use plastic, paper, and Styrofoam materials among your staff. You’ll be able to cut down eventually on utility purchases, and foster a “clean-as-you-go” sensibility among the team members.

There’s ample time for us to scale back on costs, energy, and the size of our carbon footprints. “Going green,” or consciously tailoring our lifestyles toward greater eco-friendliness and sustainability, has become an increasingly viable option. And there’s much greater impact to be had when institutions themselves espouse green advocacies and redirect the way they do business along these lines.

Millions of dollars can be freed up by reduced overhead costs in office operations, or with tax break incentives for reducing waste. Companies also increase their attractiveness to investors when they can show how going green can increase profit margins. But hopefully your office can step up to a challenge as timeless as making a profit: that is, sustaining a cleaner and greener world for our future population.



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