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ACDelco expands its coolant range in the region to help prevent summer overheating

ACDelco, one of the world’s leading automotive spare parts and services brands, has increased its range of coolants which have been redeveloped specifically to help prevent summer overheating in the region.

Covering a significant proportion of car marques, ranging from American to European and Asian brands, the ACDelco range of coolants now comprises two new product lines, the new ACDelco Engine Protector Coolant (red cap) and the ACDelco Classic Green Coolant (green cap), developed to provide protection to car engines all year round.

With its pioneering and industry-leading technology, ACDelco has expanded its coolant portfolio in the Middle East, competing on quality and price in an industry that is estimated at a combined value of $108m[1] for Tier I, Tier II and Tier III coolant product range.

Mohammed Al Fayyad, Customer Care and Aftersales Director for General Motors Middle East, said: “ACDelco offers an extensive array of 90,000 high quality products across 37 categories, including the newly developed engine coolants. With the region’s challenging weather conditions, especially during summer, ACDelco’s coolant product range with the new additions feature the best technology for excellent corrosion protection and preserve the long life of the engine and its ancillaries.”

The ACDelco Engine protector (Red) and Classic Coolant (Green) are carboxylate based coolants. What makes ACDelco coolants different is the organic additive technology, which prevents corrosion and provides protection from scale and rust build-up. With 7 out of 10 vehicles containing rust and scale, which can often lead to engine failure, coolants provide the essential protection required for the vehicle. 

The redeveloped coolants optimize cooling performance and prevent overheating over a 12-month period. The Red coolant providing boil over protection of up to 100.5 ºC and the Green coolant providing protection greater than 104 ºC. Available in 33 percent concentration (pre-diluted), ACDelco classic Green coolant is used on wide range of all car makes, especially Japanese and Korean applications. Available in four percent concentration, the ACDelco Red coolant range consists of a new class of inhibitors - organic acids and has been very competitively priced to aftermarket coolants available in the market.

ACDelco offers high grade replacement parts for a wide range of most vehicles including Japanese, Korean, European and American car brands, in addition to being an Original Equipment supplier for GM brands worldwide. Its portfolio of parts includes, among others, maintenance parts such as batteries, spark plugs, oil filters, air filters, wiper blades, and brakes, as well as repair parts such as alternators, radiators, chassis and heating and cooling components.


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