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Abu Dhabi to Pilot Green Hotel Guidelines

The Emirates of Abu Dhabi began implementing green hotel guidelines within 4 hotels, which were in their initial levels of design. As attested by the Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority, once this preliminary is finalized and thriving, they will incorporate green hotel principles in their hotel classifying program. Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority’s guidelines were generated conjointly with Abu Dhabi’s Urban Planning Council.

Understanding the Principles

These principles will be complementing the existing pearl rating style. These are the initial green blueprint principles for all new hotels. This also indicates that new hotels will have a green rate in addition to their star rating.

New hotels will not only be ranked according to elegance, but also on environmental tolerance. Although it might seem expensive for existing hotels to follow the green principles it saves electricity and energy. The tourism authority also initiated an environment, health, and safety management program for the tourism industry, which will aid in minimizing the strain on the environment by existing hotels.

How the Green Guidelines Affect the Hotels and Environment

What’s the big deal with green principles? These principles have an impact on hotels, tourists, and the environment.

Saves Energy

When the Green Hotels Program is integrated into the hotel ranking system, it will culminate in the achievement Abu Dhabi’s 2030 of transforming the region into a reliable tourism hub.

Hotels utilize more power and water and also generate more waste compared to other sectors. We can all endeavor to minimize the negative impacts of these actions by concentrating on hotels in Ras Al Khaimah and the entire Emirates.

This program is generated in collaboration with hotel shareholders. This program sets a target of 20% water, 20% waste, and 10% energy decrease, and demands every hotel and apartment to create their targets.

Energy Efficient Lighting Saves cash in the Long-Run

One of the significant concerns of green guidelines is to use necessities effectively. For instance, swapping luminous light bulbs with heavy-duty high-performance bulbs helps the hotel to save cash. Hotels in Ras Al Khaimah can benefit a lot by adopting this technology.

A light-emitting diode bulb (LED) emits between 6-8 watts, while a fluorescent bulb consumes 60 watts. The more power the bulbs use, the higher the bill and power used. Another advantage of LED bulbs is you don’t have to swap your bulbs as often because they last longer compared to incandescent bulbs.

Customer Preferences are Changing

Tourists are getting more concerned and aware of the essence of caring for Mother Nature. Most visitors prefer to book and dine in a green hotel as they know they are contributing to environmental protection. Adopting green hotel guidelines enable hotels to attract these customers.

This strategy also allows you to stand out and attract a class of customers you never knew existed. This is because you can access the population you could not reach before.  Even less eco-friendly folks will be attracted to a green hotel.

Environmental Regulations

Apart from attracting more customers, Hotels in Ras Al Khaimah are going green in accordance with environmental regulations.  Hotels are advised to embrace environmental-friendly strategies. These techniques include using green designs and preserving water and electricity.

Hotels ought to enlighten their personnel and visitors on environmental facts. Other practices, like positions low-flow water fixtures, avoid harsh soap and laundry chemicals, ensuring friges and freezers are well closed to avoid leaking air, which uses more power. It is not only about power and water; it about taking a natural approach.

Making Valuable Replacements

Hotels in Ras Al Khaimah can make small changes that have big impacts on the environment. Using ceramic and glass instead of disposable cups, especially those made from Styrofoam, which takes longer to break down, is advisable.

Hotels can also use trash sorters instead of wastebaskets in guest rooms. To promote recycling, you can include 2 baskets for different types of trash. One basket guests can use for regular trash, while the other could be for recyclables. This saves time because hotel staff doesn’t have to sort through the trash.

Hotels in Ras Al Khaimah can replace toiletries in bottles. Shampoos, lotions, hand soap, and conditioners look attractive in small bottles; however, replacing them with wall dispensers is less expensive. Wall dispensers can be cleaned and refilled, which minimizes wastage. Hotels can also replace ordinary plastic laundry bags with cloth bags which are reusable. They can also use non-toxic cleaners, paints, pesticides, and sanitizers. Hotels can also remind the guest to observe eco-friendly practices by leaving them note cards in guest rooms.

Hotels are always trying their best to attract more visitors and to stay ahead of the competition. Going green guidelines show hotels how to adapt to changes which are beneficial for them, the environment, and the customers. Hotels in Abu Dhabi will follow green procedures implemented by the Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority.


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