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Arab-China cooperation conference calls for diversifying energy sources

The Arab-China energy cooperation conference on Wednesday called for the diversification of energy sources and benefiting from natural resources in both China and Arab countries.

This came during the final communique issued during the sixth session of the conference titled "One Belt, One Way: Promising Investment Opportunities".

The two sides agreed on promoting cooperation in research and planning fields to carry out major projects in renewable energy and leading schemes with environmental, economic and technical benefits in accordance with conditions and sources of each side, the communique said.

The two sides also underlined the importance of providing required support for the China-Arab training center in the clean energy field to benefit the two parties, it noted.

It underlined the significance of boosting the bilateral cooperation in energy efficiency and backing small and medium sized institutions in this field. The two sides commended cooperation between the Arab Atomic Energy Agency, and China authority for industry and China National Nuclear Corporation.

The communique affirmed commitment of the two sides to providing an investment environment working on removing difficulties facing investors in energy so as to improve required investment infrastructure to both sides.

The Arab and Chinese sides agreed on developing communication and sharing expertise in the atomic field, in addition to benefiting from investment scholarships provided by the Chinese government in this field, according to the communique. They also agreed on holding the upcoming conference in 2020 in China.

Representatives from relevant governmental institutions, regional and international organisations, concerned academic institutes and centers, research institutes, companies working in energy as well as some Arab and Chinese investors took part in the conference.


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