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Authority Links help in Search Engine Optimisation

An Authority Link is a link from a website that has a certain proven and substantial authority. Authority sites can include educational websites, established government sites, websites of corporate giants or any leading website in general. In the complex algorithms of SEOs, having the possession of an authority link on your website can boost traffic by a significant margin; as search engines seed through external links on the bases of value, age and size.

To understand the concept of link building, we must first grasp the most basic notion; link anchor text. A link anchor text is the part that users can read which shows a small snippet of what the link is about. For example, in the link , ‘importance-hashtag-digital-marketing’ is the link anchor text. It lets the user know where the link is going to connect them to on the internet. Having a simple yet powerful link anchor text can mean everything in SEO. It decides whether the user is ready to click and go forward with your link and if other sites are willing to link you on theirs.

Obtaining an authority link is no easy task though. Timing and playing the field smart is everything here. There are several methods to acquire an authority link. One very popular method is reaching out to established websites, given that you have something to provide in return. For instance, if a major blogging website posts a very popular article, you can write a subsequent article supporting it and then reach out for a link.

However obtained, authority links can be the final word between a dead website and one that has a significant flow of traffic. Keep in mind, every website that has so called “authority” these days, once started off as a small website reaching out for links and trying hard to come up top in the competition crazy SEO world. Understanding the power of an authority link and utilizing the opportunity should be a top concern for privately owned and small websites moving forward.

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