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Benefits of Green Farming

Farming is essential to all of our lives. The farmers who grow our food allow us to eat the foods we love and get great nutrition from it. Without farming, we would be unable to survive and thrive as we do as a nation today. The farmers of our country represent the backbone of America. While there are many different ways that farmers can choose to grow their food, many farmers are now deciding to grow their food using green farming techniques.

Green farming is also referred to as sustainable farming and organic farming. This type of farming uses natural agriculture techniques to grow and produce food. The farmers naturally find ways to cope with weeds and fight pests. They use only organic fertilizers, seeds, and spreads. These farmers pledge not to use any harsh chemicals while growing the food. According to recent statistics, there are 14,000 organic farms in the United States. These green farming techniques allow us to eat green also. There are many benefits of green framing and green eating that all people should know.

#1) Reduces Exposure to Pesticides

Pesticides have been known to cause disease and even cancers in people. If you choose to eat only green agriculture that was grown using green farming techniques, you are reducing your exposure to these harmful, and sometimes deadly, chemicals. If you have a passion for supporting green farming techniques, you can get involved and purchase farming stocks. These stocks help farmers be successful with this new method of growing. This allows you to be part of a bigger movement and even make money while you do.

#2) Builds Healthy Soil

When farmers opt-out of using harsh chemicals and pesticides in their farming, they are naturally helping build healthy soil. If the ground and soil are not constantly treated with pesticides, the soil is able to stay healthy and only absorb the healthy nutrients from the crops and weeds. This allows the soil to remain healthy for generations to come and creates a great balance in the world.

#3) Food Stays Fresher Longer

When foods are grown organically, the food is able to stay fresh longer. You enjoy a ripe piece of fruit or vegetable for longer. Rather than having to eat the food immediately after you purchase it from the grocery store, you can keep it on your counter or in your refrigerator for a longer period of time. Since the food doesn’t contain any pesticides, it is able to stay ripe for a longer amount of time.

#4) Better for Animals

Animals can also be raised organically. When animals are raised using green farming techniques, they are not given any antibiotics. These animals are also not given growth hormones or fed animals byproducts. This is much healthier for the animals. When animals are treated right and not subject to these harsh conditions, they are able to live happier and healthier lives. These animals are also often given the opportunity to graze more freely and live lives that animals should.

#5) Helps Reduce Global Warming

Some believe that global warming is a serious issue that is facing the entire planet. To help reduce the effects of global warming, there are things that every person in every nation can do. Choosing to use green farming techniques and deciding to eat green foods is one of the best ways to help prevent the effects of global warming. These farming techniques use fewer pesticides and chemicals which is much better for the environment.

#6) Promotes Health of Water

Green framing techniques help promote the health of the water that we all drink. When chemicals are sprayed in farmlands, the rain washes these chemicals into the soil and the water. This water then finds its way into our drinking water and the water that ends up in lakes, rivers, and oceans. Supporting green framing techniques helps promote the health of the water we drink and the water that ends up in our bodies of water. If we can prevent the chemicals and pesticides from reaching our water, we are able to ensure the health and safety of ourselves, our children, and future generations. Taking steps now and being proactive about the food we choose to eat and grow can significantly affect the health of future generations.


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