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DHA electronic system enhances efficiency and significantly reduces paper usage

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) announced that it has achieved a quantum leap in the field of integrated projects for the smart transformation of purchasing and contracts operations.  In addition to increasing efficiency and reducing suppliers’ time and effort, this transformation has eliminated the use of papers by 250,000 and reduced the number of suppliers’ visits by 7,500 visits per year.

Engineer Eman Al Jallaf, Director of the Purchasing and Contracts Department stressed the importance of the results achieved by the smart purchasing initiative and the integrated applications of intelligent transformation of the automation projects and its role in raising the efficiency and accuracy of all procedures related to the purchasing process.

She added that this digital transformation adding that the DHA is one of the first Dubai Government bodies to tie the process of registration of suppliers with the Economic Department in Dubai. Linking the entire purchasing and contractual process from the purchasing request to the payment through the system.  Al Jallaf said this system has reduced the purchasing cycle by 27 per cent.

This raised the efficiency of work and increased supplier satisfaction by 7 per cent, as they no longer have to make as many visits to the DHA’s headquarters to finish their procedures. Such procedures include receiving the hardcopy purchase order, pay for tender fees related to service and projects tenders, submit hard copy of the tender offer, and perform the supplier registration and renewal.

The projects contributed to the modernization of 28 activities in the main operations of the Department through the process of reengineering operations and in line with the intelligent transformation of operations, and the application of the best standards of governance and transparency to all procurement and contractual processes in the DHA.

Furthermore, the transforming resulted in a paperless digital system eliminating the use of papers by 250,000 papers per year. This  reduced the cost of purchasing and contractual operations by 12% (by an estimated Dh350,000) by reducing archiving , paperwork, and its related logistics costs and its role in raising the efficiency and accuracy of all procedures related to the purchasing process.

Al Jallaf added that more than 85 internal workshops were conducted to train users on the system.

The DHA has previously also launched a number of projects related to the activation of the process of selection and evaluation of tender offers in the Tijari system for managing tenders to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the purchasing process and the implementation of tenders quickly and effectively.

The Authority has also applied advanced procurement systems for registering and qualifying suppliers electronically and evaluating their performance in line with the requirements and standards of the Dubai Government Excellence Program, and applied the contracts module related to the full cycle of service and projects contracts.

In addition, the authority implemented the "Smart Mazad” a mobile application to manage the bidding process, which has contributed actively to the opportunity for investors to participate in the various bids of revenue contracts.


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