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Does CPAP Mask Stop Snoring? Pros & Cons Of Different CPAP Mask

Sleep disorders are on the rise in the United States and currently, around 22 million Americans suffer from Sleep Apnea. About 80 percent of Sleep Apnea cases are from moderate to severe. It is certainly a life-threatening disease and recognizing the dangers, is important to be threatened. A standard treatment option is continuous positive airway pressure with the help of a CPAP mask. It also reduces snoring, one of the major cause of heart disease.

Why a CPAP mask?

CPAP mask is worn over the nose or including mouth during the night. This mask is connected to a small machine with the help of a hose and the machine pumps the pressured air in the patient’s airway so it can remain open while the patient is sleeping. The mask eases sleep apnea symptoms and gives one proper sleep without any obstructions. Choosing a perfect CPAP mask is useful for getting a sound sleep. Snoring regularly is a sign of heart disease as well and a CPAP mask helps to control that too.

Types of CPAP masks and their pros and cons:

1)    Mask liners: Using a CPAP mask can cause skin irritation and helps in reducing the leaks. Investing in high-quality CPAP mask liners is effective. It is gentle on your skin and wicks away from the moisture.

Cons- using a cheap mask liner is not right. It impacts the comfort level. It should be made of natural materials only else it will not solve the purpose.

2)    Dreamstation CPAP: It is small in size, lightweight and ideal for traveling.

Philips Dreamstation CPAP displays the weekly and monthly figures of Hypopnea Index on the screen and the support tool motivates the users through the therapy. They can access videos and feedbacks for that. There is humidifier as well, but it is optional. Humidifier gives moist air so the patients do not have a dry nose, swelling, and discomfort. The adaptive mode is useful to monitor the humidity of surroundings and regulate the heat settings as well.

Cons- To acquire this CPAP a doctor’s prescription is a must. The machine gives fixed pressure no matter what respiratory cycle an individual is. The automatic adjustment is also available for a month. A lot of users have complained that they get very less information given by the machine and the Apnea information displayed on the screen is quite different from what is given by the machine.

3)    CPAPmax pillow: For side and back sleepers CPAPmax pillow comes with three layers of foam and advanced design to enhance comfort and sleep quality. It improves the mask fit and reduces the leaks while shifting in sleep and minimizes the facial pressure. The memory foam layer molds to the facial features. It offers excellent shape retention.

Cons: Some pillows are quite heavy and size availability is limited as well. The firmness is not easy to adjust.

4)    F&P Pilairo nasal pillows mask: The F&P Pilairo nasal pillows mask is a quiet nasal pillow mask and there is an option of adjustable or stretch wise headgear. The enhanced offering gives quiet use and fits many head sizes. It is bigger on performance and quieter for the patient. The design is clever and there comes the self-inflating air pillow seal with a new headgear design.  The seal uses CPAP pressure which inflates by itself and creates a gentle yet effective double seal in and around the nose. The seal can move and flex in any direction. The low profile frame is durable, small and stable. The delivery tube is lightweight and quite flexible.

Cons: There are no cons as such, but the inside seal keeps coming off and it takes a while for the patient to adjust to it.

5)    CPAP masks for side sleepers: There are many options when it comes to finding the best CPAP masks for side sleepers and the mask helps you to sleep in that position properly. Side sleepers prefer a lightweight mask and therefore it is better to choose a nasal mask. The nose piece is a nasal pillow that fits in the nostrils easily.

Cons- There are no cons as such, but some masks are very uncomfortable if you find the straps annoying on your forehead. The straps may move here and there while you sleep.


There are many choices available for CPAP masks. Every mask is designed differently and depending on your needs you can choose the most suitable one. Analyzing the pros and cons will help you make the best choice. It will also control snoring and reduce the chances of stroke, diabetes, etc.


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