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EAD launches programmes to raise environmental conservation awareness

The Environment Agency, Abu Dhabi, EAD, has announced its programmes which it will organise during the 'Year of Tolerance' to promote, integrate, and encourage efforts in social responsibility and environmental conservation. 

The programmes, which will be held under the theme ‘Tolerance with Nature’, will include corrective actions that can be implemented voluntarily to modify negative behaviours affecting land and marine biodiversity EAD’s strategy for 2019 incorporates many aspects of the nation’s diverse natural landscapes and biodiversity. This comes in an effort to implement a range of sustainable solutions to address pertinent local environmental challenges in collaboration with governmental and non-governmental entities, private companies and community groups. 

Commenting on the programmes, Dr. Shaikha Salem Al Dhaheri, Acting Secretary-General of EAD, said, "Through our programmes, EAD seeks to raise awareness and instil a sense of respect and appreciation for our native flora and fauna among the wider public. By taking proactive measures to support existing efforts to reduce pollution and the consumption of materials harmful to the environment, and advocating for the adoption of a sustainable lifestyle, we hope to create a profound impact towards protecting and preserving our environment for future generations." 

By highlighting and examining increasing violations of the emirate’s environmental laws and regulations, EAD intends to carry out random inspections along Abu Dhabi’s coasts, beaches and waters to mitigate any harmful impacts of human activity on marine ecosystems. 
EAD will also tackle the growing issue of ‘white pollution’ that reflects the accumulation of single-use plastic waste found in wild habitats and desert camping areas. The Environment Agency will also take strict measures on any felling of local trees during the UAE camping season, with special regard for the Acacia and Ghaf trees, which has adverse effects on native biodiversity. 

"Let us Plant Tolerance" is yet another initiative to be implemented by EAD during this year. This will include the plantation of 590 Ghaf trees (Prosopis cineraria) and 1,180 Markh trees (Leptadenia Spartium), at Al Faya throughout the year to form the word "Tolerance". 


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