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Eco-Friendly College Students: 8 Easy Ways to Go Green

Saving the environment is something that starts in our homes. We have become accustomed to seeing world leaders meeting to discuss the environment and ways of saving it and think we are excused from blame. However, this is not the case. Everyone has played a role in damaging the environment and unless we all play our roles no matter how minute, we will end up destroying the environment further.

Students all over the world represent a significant percentage of the population, and if they all decide to put an effort in saving the environment, then the future might not be as bleak as it seems. When people come across conversations about protecting the environment, the majority finds it annoying and some dismiss it as talk suited for only the world leaders. However, we call all play different roles which can contribute significantly towards saving the environment. For example, you can decide to start cycling instead of driving. Cycling, as researchers have discovered, can help reduce 90 percent of the total greenhouse gas emissions. Such a statistic is worth thinking about because it outlines the importance of saving the environment, and also shows how you can easily become part of the solution.

So, by outlining eight ways through which students can also go green and be a part of the solution, this article will explain and confirm the notion that environmental conservation is easy and should be a habit.

Water is essential to not just human beings but also other living organisms. We all use fresh water which is less than 2% of the earth’s total water supply. It is often estimated that an average family can waste about 180 gallons weekly. While this does not apply to students, it should help one to realize the depth of the problem. Saving water is essential, and as a student, one can start practicing habits like closing taps after using or while brushing one’s teeth, avoiding the use of bathtubs (makes one use a lot of water), and checking for leaks often. These are simple habits, but their contribution to saving the environment can be immense.

Turning off lights is also a good way of conserving energy. The University of Cambridge reportedly spent more than £16 million on energy alone in 2014-2015. The above means the University spends £1865 every hour on energy. Students should shun from habits which inhibit energy conservation. For example, students should practice switching lights off when they are out or during the night. These might seem like simple habits but can greatly help to reduce the amount of energy consumed yearly.

Aside from the above, students can also choose to buy smart in the spirit of saving the environment. Buying smart simply means buying while looking to save your wallet and the environment. One easy way of doing this involves buying used goods. First of all, this will save you money and also ensures fewer items are being discarded. Additionally, it helps to avoid the issue of packaging an item again hence saving the energy in the process.

Thrift shops can also be another way students choose to buy smart. Thrift shops mainly sell used products. One can find their preferred item in a thrift shop at a lower price than at other outlets. Thrift shops help to save on energy, time, as well as reduce the pollution that goes into manufacturing some of the goods they sell.

Making your cleaning supplies can also be an easy way to conserve the environment. It is estimated that 1 in 3 people in the US suffers from bronchitis, allergies, sinusitis, and asthma. The truth is, treatment of such diseases should include the reduction of synthetic chemicals in our homes. As a student, such conditions can prevent a smooth run at school and make life difficult. However, one can make their cleaning supplies by either buying the cheap, non-toxic cleaning products or making your cleaning products. For example, you can decide to use products such as lemon, baking soda, white vinegar, etc. which are environmentally safe and also cheap.

Students use a lot of papers especially when they are dealing with writing assignments. Some students have as much as three to four drafts of an assignment before they prepare the final piece. This contributes to paper waste which if assessed globally shocking statistics, would indeed be revealed. Instead of having many drafts, you can decide to buy a custom made essays which are written by professionals who are devoted to delivering quality work.

It is estimated that entire US waste stream would generate more than $7 billion if the recyclable materials would be recycled. $7 billion is a lot of money which can be used to furnish sectors which are in need of it. Students should make it habitual always to recycle some of the products they buy. From clothes, newspapers, magazines, glass bottles and jars, steel cans, etc. students should make it a habit of reusing any reusable product they have.

Plastic bags have become the norm all over the world, but surprisingly, one reusable bag is estimated to have a lifespan that exceeds 700 disposable plastic bags. This means that if one person decides to use reusable bags over their lifetime, they will help remove close to or even more than 22000 plastic bags which as is always the case will not be recycled. Students need to be a part of this exercise and help to reduce the amount of plastic bags in the environment. The world has had enough of plastic bags, and it is time for students to spearhead a move where everyone uses reusable bags.

In conclusion, after every single minute, people degrade a significant piece of the earth. The earth has given us all the resources we would ever need, but the majority of us think we have a right to use and mismanage whatever we find. However, the truth is, we do not, and it is essential for us to start walking the talk and do our part in protecting the environment from further damage. But, you are only a student, and the truth is your role in degrading the environment is insignificant compared with the emissions from manufacturing companies, so why bother?


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