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Environmentally Sound Ways To Deal With Problem Trees On Your Property

At their most productive stage, one tree can absorb and store as much as forty-eight pounds of CO2 in a single year.  In addition to the beauty they add to our gardens and greater habitats, trees should be treated with respect and awareness for their environmental purposes.  All the same, there will certainly come a time when you'll have to consider removing a tree on your property. Being mindful about your approach will make an environmental difference.  

Proper Care For Healthy Trees

Make sure to prune your trees regularly to get rid of dead or diseased branches, and allow more sunlight and air to move through the branches. Experts like 72 Tree Roswell employ arborists and skilled workers to trim and remove branches in the safest and healthiest ways. The best line of defense is always prevention, and it’s no different for trees. Taking care of your trees may help to mitigate issues that might otherwise result in the tree's eventual removal. Get to know the common pests in your area, and monitor your trees regularly so infestations can be caught right away before they get out of hand. Keep the base of trees clear from plant debris to discourage pests, and when the time comes to address a pest problem, always use organic and eco-friendly methods to eradicate pests.  

When The Time Comes To Remove

Once a tree is beyond help due to disease, age or being a safety risk, steps must be taken to remove it as carefully as possible. It’s usually a good idea to employ a professional, who can fell the tree without damaging its surroundings. Once the tree has been cut, the question of removing the stump comes up. The most important consideration is to remove the stump without damaging the ground or other roots that might be nearby. Remove connected roots and isolate the stump from its surroundings so it can be safely dug up. Alternatively, once the tree is cut down, the stump doesn’t have to be removed at all. Drill a hole in the top of the stump, and utilize it as a natural flower bed. Once the tree has been removed, have it ground up to use as mulch or ground cover in your garden.  

Although trees offer so much to the environment, a tree that is unhealthy or unsafe is of no use to anyone.  All the same, think twice about how you remove and dispose of the tree to avoid further damage to the environment, and always consider planting a new tree for every one you cut down.


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