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Essential Equipment for Any Freelance Engineer

Being a freelance engineer comes with numerous advantages, not least because engineers are in high demand nowadays. There are plenty of tools needed for this type of work (as well skills), depending on the type and scope of the job.

As a freelance engineer, you may well be more likely to focus on smaller jobs, so you might want to base your general toolkit around this. No matter what the size of the jobs, though, there are some essentials. Here is some of the most crucial equipment for freelance engineers.

Bearing/Push Puller

One of the most crucial pieces of kit a freelance engineer can own is decent bearing pullers and push pullers. These handy tools allow you to easily install or remove gears, bearings, pulleys and the majority of other press-fitted parts.

All pulling equipment can vary in both size and quality, so it is important to source it from reputable suppliers. You should also consider what types of jobs you might be performing on a daily basis (or specialising in) to help you choose the right bearing and push puller for your own individual requirements. You should, for instance, think about the reach and distance of spread required.


One of the most common jobs as a freelance engineer will be installing and removing screws. Whilst there are some truly great screwdrivers out there, you will want to invest in an excellent, industry standard drill to make this job far smoother and quicker.

If you have experience in the engineering industry, then you may already have a good knowledge of the different types of drills and high end models available, as well as whom the best suppliers might be. This should help to guide you when choosing the perfect drill for all your engineering needs.


Another incredibly important consideration is which personal protective equipment (PPE) you will need in order to undertake jobs safely (and legally). There are plenty of suppliers to choose from, but you should think about quality and durability when deciding which to go with.

You will almost certainly need steel toe capped boots, as well as a good facemask and potentially protective clothing if working with hazardous chemicals or in extreme heat/cold.  

Once you have sourced all the necessary engineering equipment, you should be able to take on any job (within your skillset) with ease. Be sure to look at any warranties which may come with the equipment, as well as how to use it in a safe and appropriate manner.


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