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Ethanol Fireplaces - An Eco-friendly Alternative

Bioethanol or ethanol fireplace is becoming more popular and more homes are transitioning from the traditional wood burning fireplace to the ethanol fireplace. In case you are still sticking with your traditional fireplace, this article gives you some reasons to join the bandwagon as soon as possible. 

The first thing that will attract you to ethanol fireplaces is variety and designs because most dealers have them in different types, designs and sizes. You can check Planika fireplaces as it offers a wide variety of ethanol fireplaces and that gives you more options. Here are some other reasons to invest in one of them pretty soon.

They are eco-friendly
As the title implies, these fireplaces are eco-friendly. Bioethanol is produced from the fermentation of vegetable matter and not fossil fuel so it is eco-friendly and that is what these fireplaces burn on. It is needless to remind you of all the issues attached to the burning of fossil fuel. When you transition to an ethanol fireplace, you will also be doing the environment a lot of good. Besides, ethanol is more sustainable and renewable. Most importantly, it burns with no smoke or fumes and as such produces much less carbon.

The fireplaces are visually stunning
After taking a quick glimpse of a few ethanol fireplaces, one thing should strike you real fast - their elegance. They are so beautiful and will give your home a touch of class, even when they are not lit. A few users confirmed that they sometimes spend a few minutes to admire their fireplace. 

They are easy to install and use
The fact that they don’t require a chimney removes a lot of hard work from their installation. In fact, there are some models that do not require any installation. Such models are known as the free standing models. In addition, setting them up is a breeze, especially if you follow their set-up instructions. There are wall mounted and built-in models too. The choice is all yours. 

They are also easy to use. Just pour the bioethanol liquid into the burner and light the fuel with a lighter. Since they don’t use any chimney, you don’t have to maintain any flue. If you have been using a traditional fireplace, you should have an idea of how much it costs to sweep the fuel. Multiply the amount by the number of times you have it swept in a year. That should give you an idea of how much an ethanol fireplace will save you. One more thing – not requiring any servicing completes the package. 

Having talked about the benefits of these fireplaces, there are a few things to factor into the equation too. The bigger the burner, the more the fire it produces, and the more heat it produces. So, you might want to target the ones with big burner. Well, you also need to understand that the bigger the burner, the more fuel it consumes.

Ethanol consumes some oxygen as it burns so it is necessary to open your window after burning some fire to replenish the oxygen in your apartment. Just like there are different qualities of gas, there are different qualities of ethanol too. Low quality bioethanol fuel has a smell that may discourage you from using your fireplace. So, always go for quality bioethanol fuel.

Once again, ethanol fireplaces are easier to install, more eco-friendly, easier to use, and cheaper to run than your traditional fireplace and that is why more homes are making the switch now. There is no better time to make the switch than now.


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