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Experience a mesmerizing sunrise desert safari in Dubai

Nature lover, adventurer, or thrill-seeker, whatever you prefer calling yourself, you wouldn’t like missing out a sunrise desert safari Dubai. Particularly, if you are in Dubai for a business tour or vacation, you would like exploring the desert early in the morning to feel its raw charm. Desert safaris have been popular in Dubai over the years. However, nothing beats the natural essence you feel with all your heart, when you visit the expansive desert-scape early in the morning. Various tour operators organize sunrise desert safari Dubai. You can customize your trip according to your budget and aspirations.

A morning desert safari lasts for just 4-5 hours. Even if you are on a business tour and are on a tight schedule, you can manage a few early hours to experience the offerings of nature. Whether you are traveling alone, or happen to be a part of a group, you can find accommodation in the sunrise desert safari Dubai. You will take back memorable adventures home, and cherish these moments throughout your lifetime.

What to expect during your sunrise desert safari in Dubai?

A sunrise desert safari Dubai brings you several hours filled with fun and rejuvenation. Besides, you have loads of adventure and sports activities to engage in. A clever planning ensures that you can seek fresh adventures and make the best of the few hours you spend in the desert. The enthusiasm that you would feel would energize you for sure. If you are a nature lover, you simply cannot miss out a desert safari in Dubai.

A typical sunrise desert safari in Dubai involves the following activities:

Pick up from your desired location at the scheduled hour
Trekking or camel ride for one hour
Sunrise photo session
Breakfast in the desert
Arabian falcon photography
Dune bashing
Quad biking
Sand skiing
You will be dropped back to your hotel or the specified destination

The driver-cum instructor will pick you from the hotel at the prescribed time. Before the activities in the desert commence, the SUV will stop for a while, so that the visitors can freshen up. In the meantime, you can enjoy the traditional Arabian dishes as breakfast in the car. As the SUV travels over the sand dunes, you will enjoy dune bashing. The sunrise desert safari Dubai brings you several activities, which start with the camel ride. As you ride the beasts, you can get a spectacular view of the desert sunrise. The desert dresses up in a photogenic attire. Photographers will have a paradise to capture.

If you are interested in an extensive photo session, you can halt as the camel takes you to the red dines. In the process, you can get some brilliant captures of the glowing desert. What adventurers love the most is the sprawling expanse of the Arabian desert, with the dunes stretching up to the horizon. As a part of the sunrise desert safari Dubai, you can sit individually on the top of the camels for one hour. The experience would be enthralling indeed. During the ride, the operators may stop the camels for the convenience or comfort of the travelers. You can get a close look into the traditional lifestyles of the gypsies in the desert. The camels pass close to their camps, and you can take snapshots as well. Besides, you may explore the flora and fauna of the desert, and take back snapshots to treasure.

Safety and security

The tour operators are professional and take care of the safety and security of the travelers. The moment you step into the SUV, you get fully insured. Besides, the instructors and guides are trained enough to keep the visitors safe. When you go for a sunrise desert safari Dubai, you will remain under the supervision of instructors, particularly during the adventure sports. However, the safari is not recommended for kids under three years of age, pregnant women or older people. The rides are bumpy, and people with disabilities or back pain might find it difficult to travel on the dunes.

Enjoy the sunrise desert safari in Dubai with lots of adventures and experience the desert life in Arabia. You will love the captivating hours, close to Dubai, yet far away from the world.


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