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Five ways to make parcel delivery more environmentally friendly

No matter whether your parcel is sent by land, sea or air they all produce a significant amount of pollution across the globe. Although it’s not completely avoidable, there are still a number of ways we can adapt to reduce the environment impact of shipping parcels from A to B. Parcel delivery services are becoming increasingly popular and the demand only continues to rise. Find out how we can make the parcel delivery service more environmentally friendly below:


There are a number of certifications you can refer to, to ensure the box you use is environmentally friendly. Similarly, using eco-friendly filling material is just as effective. Styrofoam can pose as a threat to the environment in a number of ways. Not only is it made with petroleum which is a non-sustainable resource itself, it can also cause irritation to the eyes and skin. It’s a non-biodegradable material which appears to last forever so the next time you order takeout food, thinking again before throwing it in the normal bin. Say no to Styrofoam!

Use low-emission transportation companies

Did you know? Transport alone is accountable for at least a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions and air quality near the roadside in the UK alone. Green shippers otherwise known as low-emission transportation companies strive to think of the best solutions to battle air pollution by optimising shipping and transport load.

Schedule a collection

Delivery trucks are already making their rounds in your town, so why drive to the shipment office yourself? Arranging a pickup is more eco-friendly than going out of your way to drop it at the depot yourself and large firms route their delivery/pick-up service in a fuel-efficient way – helping the environment!

Offset your carbon footprint

Even some of the most environmentally-friendly shippers leave a carbon footprint. It’s almost impossible not to! Luckily, offset credits can be bought to help ensure shipments remain carbon neutral. Hood River is just one company that strives to offset the effects shipping can have to the environment by adding a couple of pence onto the cost of each package to be sent to renewable energy sources such as solar and hydro power. Participating companies are also encouraged to used green shipping materials and use eco-friendly filling material to protect our packages.

Make a return plan

Recently, businesses have started to ship more goods abroad due to the increase of online sales. A rise in sales also increases the likelihood of a high amount of returns which is why it is vital to design a return plan that considers the environment as well as the cost. It’s common for companies in any industry to host double-digit return rates – it’s all part of the approach. The more expensive returns are, the less likely people will be bothered to return them. In turn, this helps the environment because the less returns there are results in fewer shipments.



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