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Go Green in Your Office Using Eco-Friendly Office Supplies

Going green is a concern in offices up and down the country. Not only will you be doing something for the environment by going green, but your eco-credentials can become a selling point with customers who care for the planet and who want to buy from companies who share their concerns.

One of the ways that you can run a greener office is to choose eco-friendly office supplies. Here are some of the factors to consider.

Seek Out Eco-Friendly Suppliers

One of the first things to do is to seek out suppliers who have strong eco-credentials. This could include suppliers of stationery, furniture and electrical equipment. Some suppliers may sell items that are made from recycled materials, and they may also take their eco-responsibilities seriously by using greener forms of transport and reducing their energy use in their factories and offices.

Choose Eco-Friendly Paper

Despite dreams of the paperless office, many businesses still use a large amount of paper. If you use a lot of paper in your office, make sure that at least the paper you use is eco-friendly.

This means choosing paper that is made using a high percentage of recycled material, as well as paper that comes from renewable resources and which is chlorine free.

Use Greener Cleaning Products

Seek out greener cleaning products for your premises, which includes products that are natural and non-toxic. You may also want to find a cleaning firm that specialises in greener solutions, and the result will be less harm to the environment and better indoor air quality.

Buy Recycled or Reused Products

Whenever you can, buy products for your office that have been recycled or used before. This could include furniture like tables, desks and filing cabinets, but could also include computer equipment. If it has been used, it will not only be more eco-friendly but it will also be cheaper.

Recycle Your Ink Cartridges

One way to recycle more in the office is when it comes to your ink cartridges. If you are like most offices, you will probably use the printer a lot. But what to do with all of those empty cartridges? These can actually be refilled and used again, so find a place where you can recycle Epson cartridges or any other brands that you use, and this is a simple and effective way to reduce waste.

Reuse Old Paper as Packing Material

Think about how you can reuse your own material in the office. For example, instead of throwing your paper away, you could either recycle it or shred it and reuse it as packing material so that it does not end up in the bin.

Buy Energy-Saving Products

Wherever you can, invest in energy-saving products like low-energy light bulbs, heaters, air conditioners and more. That way you can save on the energy you use as well as saving on your bills.

Go Greener Today – It's Easy!

One of the best things about going green is that it is so easy to do. All of the above steps can be implemented with ease in any business, no matter its size. So if you want to run a greener office and reduce your environmental impact, follow the ideas above and start doing your bit for the environment today.

John Sollars launched his printer cartridge supply company back 2002. The company has grown to be one the biggest suppliers in the UK. He enjoys sharing his business ideas online.


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