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Going Green Will Benefit The Earth

Living a sustainable and green life will benefit the Earth, its environment, and delicate ecosystems. Choosing sustainable methods of living is something that many people across various countries and its cities are doing. Particularly, Dubai is one of the fastest growing cities worldwide and is doing their part in reducing the carbon footprint. There are the common eco-friendly life choices people are making, such as reduce, reuse, recycle, and there are others that are more extensive in their sustainability. It could be anything from using solar powered devices and reducing the amount of plastic you purchase.

The options for living a sustainable life are plentiful, but what do pollutants do to the Earth? Taking the steps towards preserving the planet also preserves the animal ecosystems, bodies of water, trees and even other natural resources. Human survival depends on the Earth and its various resources. 

Saving the animals
Take a look at the animal ecosystem; you will find many sources of pollution. Toxic chemicals from solid waste facilities find their way in the environment as a result of people’s neglect. Even air pollution is a threat to animal’s natural habitats, resulting in some species hitting the verge of extinction. Animals require oxygen from the air to survive and inhaling pollution damages their organs, the same as humans.

The choices that people make in their everyday lives will impact these animals. After all, the choices you make directly impacts everything around you, and a large part is due to the polluting facilities. Certain organizations are also there to help these animals, especially those on the verge of extinction. An example is a conservation programme that saved the Arabian oryx from extinction. Al Ain Zoo bred and took care of these animals until they were able to reintroduce more than 5,000 of them back into the wild.

Saving the bodies of water
Oil spills are one of the largest sources of pollution that affect the ocean and its ecosystem. Another source of pollution is the amount of plastic that people purchase because a lot of it ends up in the ocean. People are responsible for reducing the amount of plastic they use and ensuring everything is reused/recycled. It is up to organizations to install irrigation systems that preserve the water. In order to go green, the United Arab Emirates banned sea dumping. Throwing both waste and oil sludge into the water is banned by law. This is also a good way to protect the marine ecosystem that lives in that specific region.

Saving the trees
Trees release oxygen into the air that is required for people to live. They are incredibly important. However, given the cutting down of trees and acidic pollutants we throw in the environment, people are also damaging trees. There are many items we use on a day to day basis that are derived from trees, two of the biggest ones being paper and the Kleenex. 

Going paperless is a great way of saving the trees and becoming more environmentally friendly. There are many different opportunities to do this as well. For instance, everything surrounding banking can be done via paperless methods. You can read a great article about payday loans which will nudge you to get one, but you can choose to do everything paperless. It isn’t uncommon to experience financial hardship at one point, and are in need of a payday loan for your bad credit. However, why get anything printed when you can easily look online for everything you may need. People can find ways to reduce the amount of paper they use, whether that’s via paper banking methods or even writing notes on an electronic device as opposed to paper.

Saving our natural resources
People use the Earth’s various natural resources for their day-to-day lives. However, there will come a point where these resources will run dry, especially if people do not take the necessary measures to conserve them. As an example, the United Arab Emirates is moving towards an eco-friendly future with various initiatives. One of the very first steps in doing so is through educating individuals about environmental sustainability. Taking steps towards saving the Earth’s natural resources involves rectifying the areas that pollution is affecting. Green Hope UAE has for instance planted over 500 saplings at one point to help solve land degradation. Saving the Earth requires action and thinking green.

Ensuring our survival
Going green will ensure human survival. It may sound dramatic, but it is true. We require the Earth and all of its natural resources to live and survive every day. This is particularly true when it comes to trees and even the marine ecosystem. After all, we are also affecting our food sources when we are dumping toxic waste into the various bodies of water. The United Arab Emirates, to maintain sustainability, is transforming their desert into a green haven. They did so by increasing the number of trees, farms and palm orchards available. Promoting agriculture and wildlife conservation is paramount to an eco-friendly environment. Finding new ways or mechanisms to conserve water and boost water reserves are yet another way that people will be guaranteed a long life. After all, water, specifically clean water, is essential to human survival. 

Raising awareness about the Earth’s various environmental issues is one-way people can affect the future of the planet. Thinking green is something that must occur on both the individual and organizational level, as many must be involved to better the Earth’s environment and ecosystems. There are certain celebrations, such as World Turtle Day on May 23rd and even World Ocean Day on June 8th that raise awareness and celebrate the Earth’s landscape or animals. Acknowledging these days are a step in the right direction, but nowhere near enough to benefit the Earth’s sustainability and survival. You must make the effort to go green even within the home and through the purchases you make on a daily basis. The same concept applies to organizations and their sustainable initiatives. Only then can people hope to save the Earth’s animals, ocean, sea, trees, and various other natural resources. Ultimately, people need the Earth’s environment as it’s the only planet you have right now, so you must learn to take care of it. 


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