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Going Green in the Garden

We all know how to go greener inside the house: responsible energy use, turning off appliances when not in use, washing clothes during off-peak hours, and conserving water. All of those things are terrific ways to help keep the planet green, but what about outside the house? There are lots of ways to be greener in the garden, too. In addition to responsible water use and avoiding the use of chemicals in your gardening, you can utilize solar power in your landscaping for a green alternative. If you are looking to change up your garden landscape this year, consider adding solar lighting for a greener approach. Here are several ways you can integrate solar lights to help green your garden.

Delineate the space

Solar lights can be used to line pathways, create walkways, and delineate the space in your backyard. This serves three purposes. First, it looks beautiful after dark! Solar lighting can create a beautiful, soft, ambient light. Second, it adds to the safety in your backyard, directing traffic safely from one area of your yard to another with just enough illumination. Finally, solar lights illuminate your yard in an eco-friendly and safe way. Solar lights are much safer than candles, torches, or other open-flame light sources. In addition, solar lighting allows you to add illumination to areas of your yard that may not be convenient to light with electricity.

In addition to being environmentally responsible, solar garden lights are popular for other reasons, too. One of the primary reasons is their ease of installation. Unlike traditional garden lights, there’s no need to dig into the ground to allow for wiring (there is no wiring!). Because of that, they can easily be moved from one spot to another, allowing for easy reconfiguration when you decide you want to change things up.

Some people worry that buying solar lights will be a costlier option, but that’s not true. Solar lighting is actually less expensive than any other type of garden lighting as there is no wiring, etc. and no need to hire anyone to install them. Not only are they affordable upfront, they are easy to maintain in the long term as well. The only maintenance required is to replace the rechargeable battery periodically. Bulbs on solar lights very seldom burn out.

Outdoor solar lighting comes in many different forms. Some types are designed to blend into the existing landscape, mimicking things like birds, butterflies, plants, etc. There are those that are designed to be decorative design elements as well as lighting, and there are those whose function is only to serve as a light source. Each of these types of solar lighting serves a different function, but when used together they can create a beautiful ambiance in your backyard while functioning to keep the yard safe and easy to navigate after the sun goes down.

One thing to remember when installing solar garden lights is that they need to be installed in a way that allows them to receive maximum sun exposure during the daylight. Without adequate sunlight during the day, solar lights won’t perform optimally at night. Ideally, your solar lights should receive about 8 hours of direct sunlight each day.

Whether you choose solar spotlights, string lights, decorative lights or a combination, solar lighting is an environmentally responsible, affordable, easy-to-install and versatile option for your garden. If you are looking for more ways to do your part for the planet, outdoor solar lighting is a great way to go.


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