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Home schooling and high education. The problems of home-school applicants at the university

Pupils who are learning at home do not attend educational institutions, but formally, they are considered students as well. Homeschooling allows getting a senior secondary education without leaving your house. This leaves a person with a lot of free time that he or she can dedicate to unrelated to education activities like hobbies. Before proceeding to read this post, you may want to visit this page to check out a list of hobbies for students.


Homeschooling is usually preferred due to the following reasons:
Outdated state system of education. Many parents are convinced that the general education program does not give students knowledge applicable to real life and strangles the creative element. They believe that school is bogged down in bureaucracy.

Child’s personal peculiarities. Some children simply do not fit in public schools. They can not sit in the classroom waiting for the bell to save them. They do tasks too quickly or, vice versa, too slowly. They are bored with teachers and classmates. Homeschooling allows to adjust the curriculum and engage in a comfortable pace with a comfortable workload.

Health-related problems. Home education is perfect for those students who have health-related issues often getting sick and missing classes.

The needs of the family. Everyone's life develops differently, and home education is often not a whim, but a necessity. For example, if a family lives abroad for a certain period of time, homeschooling would be a perfect solution to temporarily substitute regular classes.

Professional sports or music classes. When you spend 5-8 hours on the tennis court or playing the piano, there is no time to go to school. For children, professionally engaged in sports or show business, homeschooling allows to receive quality knowledge without much sacrifice.

Religious beliefs. School is a secular institution, with all the ensuing consequences. Parents who live according to religious norms prefer homeschooling to regular school.

At school, a child is confronted with the set norm and often loses interest in learning. In contrast, homeschooling is a creative process. Parents try to make it interesting for children to aspire for new knowledge and enjoy the learning process. To do this, they introduce development games, take them to excursions, and encourage them to participate in social events etc.

Homeschooling gives freedom to children and their parents. They can choose which subjects to study. If necessary, an individual curriculum can be developed for any learner.

The child does not need to get up at seven in the morning with parents having to take them to school. They eat homemade food. When performing assignments, they are relaxed and calm.
Homeschoolers are no worse than ordinary schoolchildren. However, their knowledge is often more extensive. Most of them finish their studies earlier and start their career.

The world of a homeschooler often revolves around the members of his family, a few tutors and friends. And although parents encourage them to attend various places like swimming pools and music classes to meet with other children, there might be still a lack of communication.

Homeschoolers often do not know how to resolve conflict situations, how to stand up for themselves, how to start a conversation and thus face some adaptation problems. This can be a big problem in the future.

Home education requires parents to commit. It is necessary not only to arrange the learning process but also to supervise it. Without a clear plan and notorious daily routine, even the most talented and intelligent child becomes lazy.

When parents are the main sources of knowledge in the world, their authority goes off the scale. A child may become too used to relying on mom and dad. It is very important to work on the independence of the child.

Parents want their children to receive selected advanced knowledge, to be developed comprehensively and harmoniously. To achieve this, dealing only with textbooks issued at school, is almost impossible. Other learning tools such as tutoring, online schools are paid and are very expensive.

Home-schooling vs college admission
Most people believe that homeschoolers have trouble entering a college. Perhaps, this was true back in the 2000s, but today, universities are striving to make the admission process for homeschoolers quite straightforward and fair. Interestingly, a great number of universities are now seeking out homeschoolers since homeschoolers tend to be excellent students.

Admission tips for a homeschooler
As a homeschooler, we encourage you to follow these pieces of advice to streamline your university admission process.

Do your best on the application essay as well as other documentation
It is rumoured that universities do not read every admission essay submitted by regular students. However, the situation is quite different for homeschooling applicants. The reason being that most admissions officers are biased to transcripts and pay special attention to other documentation. All this leads to the fact that you will really have to produce an excellent piece of writing, in which case, you may want to pay someone to write my paper provide letters of recommendation and highlight high scores on the tests taken.

Know what is expected and keep good records
Most high education institutions have certain requirements that you will need to meet to be admitted. Therefore, it is a good idea to find out beforehand what you need to complete in your high school years. We recommend you keep proper records and be willing to demonstrate your learning outcomes based on your transcript so that the college can better comprehend what your academic standing is.

Keep track of deadlines
First off, you need to learn when your SAT exam is scheduled for. Afterwards, you will be required to submit your application and figure out how you are going to pay for your studies. We suggest you write down the important tasks and deal with them beforehand. 

Don't wait to start getting college credit
Today, high school students, as well as homeschoolers, can get college credit when still in high school. To do so, you can leverage the CLEP tests, distance learning, dual enrollment as well as AP courses.

Show initiative
As a homeschooler, it is a good idea to partake in extracurricular activities and take extra initiative that will help you look good in the eyes of a chosen college. Keep a written record of the activities you were involved in and make sure to mention them during your application process.

We hope you find this post enjoyable and useful. In addition, we encourage you to visit this page if you are in need of some academic aid.



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