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How Going Green Can Benefit Your Business

Going green and adopting more environmentally friendly processes have long been a concern for businesses. This has resulted in companies across the globe adopting more eco-friendly practices with the aim of lowering their carbon footprints, with measures from digitising documents to implementing environmental strategies by hiring consultancy firms like RSM.
While introducing greener practices is good for the environment, did you know that it can be good for your business, too? To find out how your company can benefit, read on.

Cut Costs by Reducing Waste
While there is a common misconception that being eco-friendly can be expensive, introducing these initiatives can boost finances. For example, switching to energy efficient light bulbs and ensuring appliances are switched off when not in use could result in lower energy costs. While reducing printing, or printing on both sides of paper, will reduce waste going to landfill while also lowering your company’s paper consumption, leading to savings on stationery.

Broadening Your Customer Base
Customers are becoming increasingly concerned about buying from companies that are ethically and environmentally conscious. As such, by taking steps to reduce carbon footprint, you may be able to create a more authentic and caring brand, which could help you attract green consumers. This could widen your company’s demographic, which has the potential to increase customers, boost sales and thus, drive up profits.

A Healthy Work Environment
A green company can extend beyond the physical workplace to your employees. This is important as eco initiatives could result in a healthier, happier workforce. For example, allowing staff to work from home could reduce commute time, while also limiting environmental impact and promoting a better work-life balance. Alternatively, introducing cycle-to-work schemes could reduce stress and improve mental wellbeing, resulting in happier, more productive employees.

Boost Recruitment Appeal
As more millennials are entering the workforce, it has been impacting how businesses function. This has led to company leaders considering how they can appeal to this generation, with some introducing collaborative workspaces. However, it seems that common values are the key, with millennials favouring firms that have a mission or purpose that extends beyond profit margins. As a result, growing greener could help your business attract the best talent.

For businesses, implementing practices to reduce carbon footprint and becoming more sustainability focussed could offer many benefits. From the potential to increase profits to boost staff morale, as well as reducing environmental impact, all companies should consider going green. 

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