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How To Cut Down Your Carbon Footprint When Travelling To Europe

An eco-friendly holiday doesn’t have to be as difficult as it may appear when you’re travelling to Europe. Cutting down your carbon footprint is more important than ever, but that doesn’t mean that you should cut out travelling altogether. If you’ve applied for your EHIC, and you’re planning your next trip but you’re unsure of how to travel in the eco-friendliest way, our advice below should give you a helping hand.

Change Your Mode Of Transport

If you’re travelling from a country within Europe, then why not consider choosing a different method of transportation than an airplane? One of the best characteristics about Europe is the fact that all of the countries are easy to navigate, and with many European countries bordering each other. As a result of this, there are plenty of different modes of transportation that you should consider – such as trains and even coaches which can get you from country to country. You may even consider hiking the majority of the journey, it’s that easy to get around!

While train and coach may take a little longer than your standard flight, it can help to massively reduce your carbon footprint while you’re travelling to the continent, and can often help to cut the costs too.  If you are unable to switch your mode of transport however, for whatever reason, try to stick to direct flights as opposed to stop-overs, as this can help to reduce your carbon emissions.

Eco-Friendly Hotels

If you’re really looking to reduce your carbon footprint when travelling to Europe, why not consider staying in an eco-friendly hotel? While they may seem difficult to spot, once you know where they are, you may not ever consider going back! With plenty on offer in numerous countries, including Germany, Spain, Austria and Greece, you can be certain that you will reduce your environmental impact by staying in one of these. There are a number of different factors that are incorporated into eco-friendly hotels, and these include: use of renewable energy such as solar panels or wind power, recycled water (particularly popular in countries such as Austria where glacier water can be used), and recycling processes in place for food and hotel materials.

Consider Natural Activities

If you’re heading to Europe for a fun-filled adventure, yet you’re conscious of your carbon footprint, then try to consider the different activities that you are planning. For example, if water sports are what you’re looking for, then why not consider snorkelling at a local beach as opposed to machine-fuelled jet skiing, or even hiking up a mountain instead of relying on bus routes. Try walking around the city of your choice, or using public transport as opposed to using a taxi too, in order to cut down on your carbon footprint while you’re in the country.

Buy Local Food

Instead of heading to restaurants for every meal, or even buying packaged foods from supermarkets to cook in your hostel or self-catering apartment, turn to the markets and buy local food and produce. Not only is this much likelier to be healthier, and provide you with a taste of culture which you can absorb in a whole new way, it can also make your journey eco-friendlier.


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