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How to Go Green in Your House


Our houses are our safe havens. We look forward to days we get to spend alone in our own homes. For some, those are the best times. For some people having friends and family over makes their houses feel like home.

In the attempt of enjoying the ambiance in our houses, there is need to have an eco-friendly setting in the home. Check out some of the houses Condo Toronto have to offer, once you can get perfect house, you then remodel it into an eco-friendly home.

Steps You Can Take To Make Your House Greener

1.    Switch to LED Lighting

LED (Light-emitting Diode) lights are known to use less energy compared to CFL bulbs. They are tiny circuit diodes that emit a powerful and safer light. Switching to this lighting will mean that the diodes will emit little heat compared to incandescent bulbs and CFL.

They cost more than CFL, but if you are looking to conserve the environment around you and make your house eco-friendly, then this is one of the steps you should take. They last longer hence they save you extra cost on energy bills.

2.    Get Eco-friendly Pets

Even though most pets exhibit innate eco-friendly behavior – goats eat everything, cats bathe themselves, they are dependent on the owner’s food. If you intend to own a pet, make sure you get one that can consume all natural pet foods.

Make your pet food at home. That way you can make sure that your pets consume less processed foods and they are easy to clean. Get a pet that is capable of using a toilet to avoid scattered waste in your house or having to dispose of the waste using plastic bags.

3.    Stay Clear of Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are almost everywhere, grocery stores, supermarkets, etc. However, plastic bags pile up and clutter our homes despite the fact that they provide safe storage. Start investing in reusable cloth bags instead of putting up with plastic bags.

4.    Fit Sun Pipes

Consider installing sun pipes. They are hollow tubes lined with reflective mirrors and material. They will help divert light from your room and brighten it. They are efficient because they work in cloudy weather as well. Unlike electricity, the sun is a free source of light and sun pipes will allow you to use the sunlight instead.

5.    Embrace Recycling

Most of the stuff we buy can easily be recycled. For instance, food and drink cartons, paper and cardboard. Instead of trashing them, learn to recycle them for other purposes around the house.

6.    Buy Solar Panels

Instead of installing electricity, consider buying solar panels. They will harness the sun’s energy for your heating and power needs. This is one of the best ways to be more eco-friendly, and it will also help you cut down on your appliances and energy bills.

Final Thought

Being eco-friendly also benefits the environment around you. These are some of the little things you can do that will play a big part in reducing waste, cleaning the air and preserving the environment. These steps will also improve the quality of life in your house.



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