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How to Keep Our Environment As Clean As Possible

Human activities have resulted in the massive pollution of the environment endangering both humans and living organism lives. Besides, the environment looks ugly as the trees beautify the environment are cut down while litter is found everywhere. Dangerous chemicals spill to the ground and emitted to the air finally finding their way into the water bodies. If we don't take care, millions of living organisms may become extinct in the near future. Coming generations will not have the privilege of seeing the creatures. Furthermore, ailments resulting from pollution may also increase, endangering human lives. As such, we should strive to keep our environment as clean as possible. But how do we do it?

Environmental education
Not all people are conversant with the best ways of keeping our environment clean. Some even do not know that the activities they are engaging in are contributing heavily towards environment degradation. Hence, an extensive environmental education program should be launched to enlighten people on the importance of the environment. The programs should also be incorporated in the school curriculum to teach the teach the children early. Similarly, adults should be reached through seminars, public meetings, and posters pinned at strategic locations.

Proper waste disposal
Residential and commercial wastes are some of the largest contributors to environmental pollution. People should avoid throwing the waste anywhere since it tends to pile up and spread to the surrounding areas. There should be designated waste points where individuals and businesses throw the trash. The waste should also be separated depending on its nature for easier disposal. Industries producing hazardous chemicals and gases should develop proper disposal channels. Chemicals should be treated before being allowed into the sewerage system. On the other hand, gas chimneys should have gas traps to absorb the harmful gases before they escape into the air.

Drive less
Cars constitute the largest percentage of vehicles on our roads. Thus, the automobiles are some of the main causes of air pollution. Combustion of gasoline produces carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide and cars emit them into the air through the exhaust pipes. The two gases are part of carbon emissions, which make our air dirty. Pollution of this kind can be reduced by walking and cycling for short distances, and taking public transport if the destination is far away.

Reduce chemical usage
Industrialization has resulted in the increased use of chemicals. Be it in farming, industries, and homes, chemical use is quite widespread nowadays. Almost everything that you put your hands on having chemicals. While it may not be possible to get rid of some chemicals in the near future, we can stop using those with alternatives. For instance, farm chemicals can be substituted with organic herbicides and pesticides. Likewise, usage of artificial fertilizers can be minimized by embracing organic fertilizers. In industries, the manufacturers should reduce usage of dangerous chemicals and replace them with environmentally friendly chemicals. At home, avoid using those unnecessary sprays and detergents. You can just sweep the floor if the dirt is minimal.

Use renewable energy
In the recent past, the world has begun turning to renewable energy after realizing they are eco-friendly. Indeed, the use of fossil fuels as sources of energy has greatly reduced. There are various type of renewable energy including hydro power, geothermal, tidal power, wind power, solar power, and biomass. Hydro power is now the leading source of renewable energy since rivers are found in almost every part of the world. Apart from hydro power, the use of the different renewable energies depends with the location of a country and availability of resources. As such, each country should promote the utilization of renewable energy within its borders. Those along The Great Rift Valley can develop geothermal while those in hot regions can enhance solar power. Countries that are using coal as the main source of energy can develop the renewable sources gradually and ditch the fossil fuel. Likewise, the use of diesel power should cease in favor of clean energy. Biofuel is a perfect replacement of fossil fuels as an energy source.

Recycle waste
A good percentage of the waste from our industries and homes is recyclable. Recycling of the waste is one of the most successful ways of keeping our environment clean. Besides, raw materials that could have been used are saved for the future generation. Thus, the recyclable waste should not be thrown away as this will only add the waste burden to our environment. After separating different types of waste during disposal, the items that can be reused should be put aside. Things that can be recycled while in the same state should be cleaned and sold or given away. Those that need re-modelling should be taken to the factories and be converted to useful objects. You can recycle some items even at home instead of letting them undergo the tedious cycle. By doing so, you reduce the amount of waste that is thrown into landfills and contamination of our land, air, and water.

Plant trees
Trees are natural air purifiers. Besides, they make the environment look awesome and prevent soil erosion. As such, increasing the forest cover and number of trees at home and in the farms is advisable. You can plant trees at strategic locations in your garden. Ornamental trees are the best as they beautify your home. Big farmers can also plant trees in specific places and the idle parts of the farm. Additional the national government and its people should come together, and plant trees in the national forests. No part of the forest should be allowed to lie idle and companies that cut down trees should take reafforestation initiative seriously.

Keeping the environment clean is essential for our own good and for future generations. There is no reason of polluting it and yet we found it in a good condition. We should leave it better than make the situation worse. Environmental education, proper waste disposal, use of renewable energy, planting trees, recycling waste, reduction of chemical wastage, and driving less will surely contribute immensely towards keeping our environment clean. Don’t sit back take up the initiative.


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