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How to Merge Traditional Power Generation with Green Initiatives

It seems as though the whole world is focused on sustainability and this can only be accomplished by addressing the major challenges that power companies face in an effort to generate enough power to serve their communities. Those challenges include a reduction in the quantity of fossil fuels they are using to generate power and a means of reducing the greenhouse gas emissions that are a byproduct of burning fossil fuels. 

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Actually, there are two areas of focus which need to be addressed. The first is in terms of how power is generated and then there is the flipside of the coin where consumers learn to reduce their demand for power. Here are a few thoughts on how to merge traditional power generation with green initiatives every power supplier can benefit from.

Efficient Power Generation Is Critical
There is no doubt that most power generating plants are now seeking ways to produce electricity by a combination of processes. Some power generating plants use a combination of fossil fuels (i.e. coal, oil, etc.) with hydro, solar or wind. Even so, they are still using traditional fuel burners in the process and even those don’t need to have such an impact on the environment. 

You will find that even those burners can be manufactured to have less of an impact on a process’ carbon footprint. To learn more about technologies developed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, talk to specialists like those at Lindberg Process Equipment. It really is possible to work towards sustainability while burning fossil fuels to generate power.

Customer Education a Necessary Component
While every power supplier needs to make a profit, there is a place where profitability and ethics converge. Yes, the more electricity a consumer uses month to month will run those bills up, but is that an ethical approach for a power supplier to take? Not only are consumers paying exorbitantly high power bills but the more power they use, the higher your exposure to greenhouse gas emissions. Isn’t it time to wage an all-out educational campaign to help your customers learn to reduce their dependence on electricity?

Some utility companies have begun inserting literature into their monthly bills to teach consumers about energy efficient appliances and what those Energy Star ratings mean. It is possible to break down their savings on an annual basis so that they can see in black and white just how much money they could be saving by reducing the number of kilowatt hours they are billed for each and every month. 

Consumers can be taught how to adjust HVAC thermostats and about the best temperature for their hot water heaters. Why not give them tips on sealing doors and windows to reduce dependence on climate control in the home and then talk about options in lighting that can save bundles over time?

A Joint Effort
In the end, it should be a joint effort by all involved. From the power generating plant to the supplier and trickling right down to the consumer, if everyone tries to be a part of the solution, the problem won’t be as great. It takes a joint effort to affect real change and that’s the only way to put a halt to the damage greenhouse gases are doing to our environment. Wouldn’t you rather be a part of the solution today for a greener tomorrow?



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