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How to Start a Successful Kratom E-Commerce Company

Kratom is a wonder drug and no one should be deprived of it. Its use is becoming more and more common which has also made it a profitable business. Many Kratom fans have turned their hobby into profession by starting an online store. If you have basic knowledge of this compound, that’s all you need. Here I’ve shared how you can start a Kratom E-Commerce company.


Get a Domain

Before anything else, you need to decide a name that you and your prospects will love. It will become the brand how people will know your business. Make sure you choose a name that specifies the niche of your business. Once decided, buy a domain of that name with a trusted web hosting. There are companies like Host Gator where you’ll find both for as cheap as $10 a year.

Find a Wholesaler

Now you have to find the person who you can provide Kratom and its products on wholesale rate. Take your time and find the one that offers the best quality product. Your customers will be more attracted to quality than a lower price. Find yourself a Unique Selling Point that none of your competitors can offers. A great USP makes it easy to sell your product.

Develop an E-Commerce Website

After finalizing a wholesaler, hire a web developer to make you an e-commerce website. Most of the websites today are made in WordPress technology that produces fast and cheap websites. Your site must be appealing and relevant to your field of work. Ask the developer to embed online secure payment methods and make it responsive for all devices.

Upload All Products

After developing the website comes the part where you have to provide details of all your product with the price. You have to decide which type of products you want to sell. For example, Kratom Crazy Green Kratom is very popular in its customers. You can visit its website for inspiration and quality products. You should know which type of product is likely to sell and what should be its cost. Don’t be very greedy and set a price that is easily affordable for your prospects and also leaves a profit for you. Keep as low prices as possible in the beginning.

Create a Blog

As a Kratom retailer, you would know a lot more about it than any consumer. Put that knowledge into good use by creating a blog section on your e-commerce website. You have to publish articles that provide useful information to Kratom consumers. Don’t make your posts sound like sales collateral, rather focus on educating your reader. Each article will bring people to your website through search engines and social media sites.

Use Digital Marketing to Promote It

Digital marketing is essential to run an online business. There are various branches of digital marketing which include Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, Pay-per-Click, and Content Marketing. Each works with the purpose of bringing relevant people to a website and convincing them to purchase a product or service.


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