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How to sell a car quickly in 7 simple steps

You want to buy a new vehicle and you wish to dispose of your old one make sure you know the steps to follow. If you are sure that you want to sell your car, you should start looking for all the documents requires to make the sale, you should also set the right price. After that, you must ensure that your car is in good shape, you also need to advertise your car on different sites. Attend the call and email carefully, One of the most important steps to follow in selling your car is the negotiation part, set up a test drive, in the end, all you need to do is finalizing the deal.

1. Gather all your important documents.

Before selling your car in Dubai you need to gather and check all the documents and make sure all fines and other things are clear. Check all the invoices and car detail papers to sell your car smoothly. Also, check the RTA website to ensure that your car is clear from all issues. If you need any other papers to transfer your car like a bill of sales, or notice of release of liability, it can also help to have a record of the car's maintenance schedule to show that you have been taking care of it. Lastly, the original sale document will describe any optional features you added to the car.

 2. Set the right price. 

 If you want your car to stand out from all the other used cars for sale by owner near you then you first need to estimate the value of your car so you can set your price for your used car. Check the price of similar cars in local ads you can also take help from ads given on different sites to set your price slightly above the current market value, this leaves you some negotiating room so ask for more money then you are willing to accept You should always do your research before selling your vehicle, study your car, and acquire information about it. You should know your car’s model, year of manufacture, mileage, engine size and keep an eye on the condition of your vehicle.   

3.Condition of the car

 If you want to sell your car for the right price quickly, you will need to put a bit of work into the car. Most importantly, you’ll need to clean your car.

A new paint job will be the best option. Take your car to a professional mechanic and try to fix all the possible internal problems. Put yourself in the place of the buyer and try to think with the mind of the buyer so you can check everything and eliminate every single flaw. 

 4. Attractive Ads on Multiple sites

When selling a car, always try to post your ad on multiple websites. The most important thing to keep in mind is to post quality pictures. Appealing photos will attract the buyer. Remember to post photos from different angles, post photos of the interior and the exterior of your car so that the buyer can review the car just by looking at the pictures. Try to show the mileage of the car by posting a picture of the meter. Now, all you need is to publish the ad. There are many ways you can advertise your car on Dubizzle, Sell any car, Facebook, Newspapers And many other social media sites can also act as a platform for your ad.  

5. Negotiation

The most significant step in selling your car is the negotiation part. Try not to get overwhelmed while selling your car; just stick to your price and demand a slightly higher amount than what you want for the car. For example, you want to sell your vehicle for Rs 800000 then ask Rs 900000. The buyer will try to negotiate with you and will most probably set a price you are comfortable with. Just try not to go lower than the amount you want for the car. Stay strong and confident while bargaining with the buyer and don’t act desperate because if you do so, the buyer will overwhelm you quickly.  

6. Set up a test drive Arrange a safe place to meet and show them your used car.

This can be at a mall or a local coffee shop. If possible, take a friend with you. Some cities are setting up safe locations for buyers and sellers to

Arrange a safe place to meet potential buyers, and bring a friend if possible. Let them test drive a car but go along with them since they will probably be unfamiliar with the area and need directions. On the test drive, avoid the impulse to “sell” them your used car instead, simply respond to any of their questions. If the buyer wants to have a mechanic inspect the car, they should pay for the inspection. If they return with a long list of problems, you might have to lower your price. But only address problems requiring an immediate attention, not to every last thing on the list.

7. Finalizing the Deal

The negotiation is complete, and you and the buyer have settled on a price. Now, its time for the payment and the essential paperwork. The buyer can pay with cash or a cheque, these are the safest methods of payment. Take the money and hand over the car to its new owner with the signed paperwork. Keep in mind that if your car has a loan on it, you will have to clear it before selling the car. After you have handed over the car and signed the legal documents, you have officially sold your car. If your car has an insurance policy, call your agent and cancel it as you have to do with the car now. Now, you can also sell your car. Just follow these simple steps and empty your garage or make space for a new car.


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