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Is It Safe To Start Vaping Today

Vaping uses a battery-operated device called a vape pen or a vaping. It involves a liquid that is converted to smoke and inhaled. Vaping has become increasingly popular. According to the estimates, the vaping industry now stands at $19.3 billion.  There's a lot of ongoing debates that discuss if it is safe to start vaping today.  Several studies today have proven that cigarette smokers felt better and less addicted after switching to vaping.

Here's what we know about vaping and why it is safer to start today-

Reduces the risk of development of smoking-related problems

Many studies have proven that people who smoke regularly are at a very high risk of developing several chronic ailments. These include respiratory conditions like bronchitis, pneumonia, emphysema, and even cancer. Several research-backed studies have shown people who switch to vaping showed significant improvement in all biomarkers of respiratory fitness.

This means vaping is very safe as compared to your traditional smoking and reduces the risk of comorbid condition development later. This is due to no exposure to more than 4000 toxic chemicals found in cigarette smoke. These, when inhaled, disrupt the biochemical and physical functions of your body. Thus if you are quitting smoking, vaping is your best bet. It will give you a high and a good rush without the harmful chemicals involved. Always ask your vape store to recommend something according to your nicotine preference.

Helps in controlling the nicotine intake

Vaping helps tremendously in controlling the nicotine intake of an individual.  Cigarettes are high on nicotine and may be a cause of a nasty addiction. You need to wean yourself off the nicotine gradually. Vaping is the ideal choice here because of the vast available options. Low doses of nicotine cause nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and eye irritation. High doses can cause tachycardia, high blood pressure, seizures, coma, and death.

The vape juices available in the market come in various flavors, and you can choose between high nicotine to nicotine-free. It is beneficial for people who are making a transition from smoking as it doesn't deprive them suddenly. One can slowly reduce the concentration and enjoy the experience. This will ensure there is no more than required nicotine in your system . Nicotine is known to suppress your appetite and causes an inadequate intake of food.  Understanding that it can be an over stimulant is essential. Vaping is a safer alternative to traditional smoking.

Fewer toxicants are released

A regular cigarette may contain more than 600 ingredients that release several toxic chemicals. Vaping devices and their cartridges control the release of harmful substances. Also, the vape juices are known to release fewer toxicants in a controlled concentration. It also drastically reduces your exposure to carcinogens. Cigarette smoking is associated with high carcinogenic substances, and switching to vaping is your best option.

Helps in smoking cessation

Vaping helps at the end of smoking and is not as addictive as traditional smoking. It helps smokers kick the addiction they developed without giving significant relapse symptoms. The less addictive nature of vaping is what everyone today is fond of. It doesn't tempt for more and helps in the suppression of the urges. These are also more effective than patches, and the effects are seen faster than any other method. Vapes were traditionally invented to help people quit smoking. The added benefit is the variety of flavors available. You can quit smoking and also keep experimenting with newer tastes and technology with vaping.

Second-hand smoke from vaping is less toxic than cigarettes

A major complaint from people who don't like smokers is the second-hand smoke released.  Second-hand smoke from cigarettes is poisonous and harmful. It is also an air contaminant. The chemicals released during vaping are far better as compared to smoking. This will ensure you cause less harm to people around you. 

Other than these, vaping also prevents plaque buildup in your arteries that is a significant marker for several metabolic diseases. It's important bro realize that vaping is currently the best option available for someone looking to quit smoking and is proven to be safer by various studies. If you are fighting with nicotine addiction and can't stop smoking, this is your right choice.


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