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Live A Better Life in A Log Cabin

Henry David Thoreau famously wrote his classic novel "Walden" after retreating to the woods and living in a log cabin. In it, he detailed the necessities of life and how living simply can lead to personal growth and better well-being. Not only was the notorious author enhancing his mental state, but he was also improving the environment. The environmental benefits of building green are gaining popularity as more people begin to consider greener homes, but there are many reasons log cabins are a smart choice for the future.

Live A Greener Life

People dream of escaping their jobs and retreating into nature, but find the process has too many barriers. Yet, it's never been easier to embrace nature with cabins. Building a log cabin home doesn't have to be challenging, and the environmental impact is tremendous. Building with wood is far greener, with traditional building materials, such as mortar and brick, negatively impacting the environment. Wood is found and harvested from nature with zero need for fossil fuels. That, along with the equipment required to carry and form traditional supplies, and wood's efficient use as an insulator, make wood the ideal base for your home and the environment.

Happiness In Returning Home

The benefits of living in nature and living near trees have been proven by science. For one, it's better for your health as trees cleanse the air of pollutants and are better for your lungs. But living in a log cabin is also better for your mental health. Living simply and taking a break from the stress of life is a mental cleanse of sorts. Retreats into nature have even been used as a form of therapy for individuals. As humans, we have evolved with and come from nature. It is our home, and living with natural building components will remind you of the simple beauty of our earth.

Is It Possible For Me?

Worries about the complexities of log cabins are mostly unfounded. Some have families and are concerned about log cabins not providing enough space or functionality, but they can be as functional as traditional homes. It doesn't require forgoing electricity, running water, or air conditioning at all, as these present in many cabins. It doesn't cost any more than building a traditional home, and in some cases can be cheaper. Nor does it have to be separate from the city. Your own cabin can be built anywhere. Not everyone has to live in seclusion like Henry David Thoreau.

In actuality, log cabins are a much more efficient and affordable way to live. Wood is a terrific base, is great for the environment, and can help people see more of the natural beauty in life. The complexities of life tend to overwhelm a majority of us, and turning to simpler, classic form of living can drastically increase our sense of well-being and attitudes about life.


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