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Living the Green Dream Whilst Creating Energy Efficient Property

In a property industry laden with gloom and controversy over the speculation of shortage of new homes, falling and unaffordable house prices and an unpredictable market, it is promising to know that there is an emerging sector providing not only optimism but promising to help rectify the perceived struggles with some of the latest, most innovative new homes across the UK.

Pioneering developments have provided developers with sustainable communities with new green quarters, and eco-friendly amenities and features as more than ever people are taking note of the impact of their choices on the environment with some UK buyers willing to pay 6% more for properties on their quest to go green.

Logically, this helps progress the economy as well as environmentally when you consider the long-term cost savings of energy efficient houses. Energy used within homes in the the buy to let sector equates to more than a quarter of greenhouse gas emitted in the UK from April 2018. For all rental properties an energy rating of Band E or higher must be achieved otherwise they are considered unlawful to let. Currently 1 in 10 properties in the private rented sector fall into F or G efficiency rating therefore regulations are becoming tighter and more controlled.

Landlords must take the opportunity to be one step ahead, as choosing to impose a regulation on the UK’s estimated 1.9 million landlords is an easier feat than attempting to impose home efficiency and eco-friendly schemes on each individual home owner. Becoming an environmentally conscious landlord comes with many rewards as energy prices are predicted to soar anywhere from 20-50% over the forthcoming years, therefore investing in the latest innovative technology has the potential to provide long term savings.

RW Invest property investment specialists feature developments with modern low carbon technologies ensuring a plethora of unique properties will be some of the UKs most energy efficient, with the added benefit to investors of an enhanced rental yields and future proof investment.

Thousands of products currently on the market can aim to make your home ‘smarter’, and surprisingly almost one quarter of people living in Britain already own more than one smart device. Multiple aspects of your home can be controlled at the click of a button, keeping costs down throughout a number of households across the UK. Heating and lighting can be regulated, observed and changed without having the be there, therefore this technology once regarded as futuristic has transformed into an everyday reality for many.

Cost is kept to a minimum as the increasingly competitive market has introduced lower prices compared to what they once were, these gadgets in question no longer amount to extortionate expenses as increase competition led to dramatic reductions. All in all, the ability to create an energy efficient home will save you money in the long run, as well as raising the appeal for future rent or sale opportunities.

Operated conveniently through a smartphone, this technology has the ability to significantly slash energy bills as you can switch appliances off without being present. Technology like this is ground breaking, providing a real selling point in privately rented properties, particularly as the generation rent sector is now willing to have their bills increased to get more in their property. This is highlighted by the huge escalation in popularity in the build to rent sector across the country.

Integrating smart devices into homes are forecasted to become an attractive incentive for prospective buyers or discerning investors as the technology plays a pivotal role in escalating overall property prices. 


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