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Personal Hygiene Tips You Need To Implement in Your Life

One of the most definite ways of reducing health issues is by having a good personal hygiene. Being unhygienic jeopardizes your health and the health of those around you. Most people know that taking care of their hygiene is crucial but very few do it properly. 

Germs are everywhere, even on our phones. So after going through the cocaine abuse side effects brochure, make sure you wash your hands before cooking. Taking care of your hygiene will keep you free from bacteria, illnesses, viruses, and also make you more healthy and confident. Here are some lot the tips you should follow: 

Shower regularly. Also, try not to go to the bathroom until you dry entirely. Wait until your body temperature drops before leaving the bathroom if other rooms are much cooler. When showering, don’t just soak your feet in the water, wash them. 

People tend not to wash their feet because they assume that they are clean from being in the water. Make sure you use soap and sponge or cloth to brush your feet. By thoroughly cleaning your feet you remove any fungus may have had. After you are done, clean your ears. If you have earrings, take them off so that you can also clean the hole in which they are. 

Always Wash Your Hands
Germs spread around by hand contact, so it is important that you learned to wash your hands regularly. Keeping your hands clean will prevent causing illnesses to yourself and other people. Wash your hands before cooking, before every meal, after using the restroom and especially a public one, and before playing with your children. Washing your hands will lower your chances of getting the flu. 

Taking Care of Your Hair 
Wash your hair after every two weeks and cut or trim it every two days. It is essential to use products that are good for your skin and hair when washing your hair. Make a habit of reading what the product contains before buying it, and also check to see if it is suitable for your hair type. 

Taking care of your hair makes you look more attractive. Women should avoid changing their hair color too much because it can damage the hair color and might never recover its original color. 

Body Odor
One of the ways you can reduce body odor is by showering regularly, shaving your armpit when it’s hot, changing out of filthy and sweaty clothes, wear deodorant, and you can also avoid spicy food and alcohol. 

Take Care of Your Nails
Make sure you trim your nails every week. Always clean them after showering with soap to make sure there is no dirt left settling underneath them. Clipping your nails makes them look healthy and neat at all times. 

Oral Hygiene 
Oral hygiene makes sure that your teeth and gum are healthy. Not taking care of your mouth may lead to bad breath, teeth deterioration, mouth inflammation, and many other infections. Brush your teeth regularly, after every meal, every morning, and before bed. Floss after brushing. 

Facial Hygiene 
Facial Hygiene begins with understanding your skin type and what works for you. When it comes to your skin, you need to be very particular about the products you use, and especially on your face. The wrong product will do more harm than good to your skin. For instance, you could develop acne or hives or pimples. 

Rectifying a skin problem caused by a skin product can be emotionally and financially draining. To figure out the best products for your skin, you need to find out your skin type. Finding out your skin type will help you create the best skincare suited for your skin. 

Beauty products are different, and they affect skin types differently. The size of the skin pores determines the skin type. 

Other Skin Type Determinants are: 
• Genetics; the genes you get from your parents determine how oily or dry or sensitive your skin is
• Climate; moving to a new environment can contribute to changing your skin type. It may get better or worse
• Hormones; hormones fluctuate at different times. For example, pregnancy can affect the skin’s behavior
• Diet or allergies; what you eat or some of the allergies you have can affect your skin
• Medications; prescription medicines can sometimes make your skin more sensitive or drier as a side effect
• Skin care regime; using the wrong product can alter your skin’s balance hence changing the type. 

Four Main Skin Types
Normal Skin 
Normal skin type is the ideal skin type. People with normal skin can see their pores. So if you look yourself in a mirror up close or a few steps from the mirror, and you can be able to see your pores, then your skin is normal. Pores on normal skin do not enlarge. 

People with normal skin hardly experience a reaction to beauty products, and their complexion always appears balanced. However, we advise you to include hydrating products and some anti-aging products to your skincare routine because normal skin shows signs aging more than other skin types 

Oily Skin 
 If your skin is often shiny or has excess oil on the face, neck, back, and shoulder, then you fall in the oily skin category. The pores on oily skin get clogged easily or appear large, which often leads to whiteheads or blackheads, cystic acne, or pimples. 

The best beauty products for oily skin are those that don’t contain sulfates or those that alcohol-based because they can dry the skin. You should also avoid makeup, oil-based cleansers, and moisturizers.

Dry Skin 
When your skin feels itchy and tight all year round, or you never feel like you get enough moisture, you have the dry skin type. People with dry skin also experience scaling of flakiness. Dry skin is as a result of lack of oil production in the skin. 

If you have dry skin, avoid using sulfate and alcohol-based products on your skin. Avoid using beauty products that will wick moisture from your skin. 

Combination Skin 
This is the most common skin type. If your skin has large pores, is oily, or breaks out around your forehead, chin, and nose, yet it's normal or dry on your jawline or cheeks, then you fall in this skin category. People with this skin type have to balance the types. 

You could separate beauty products to target the dry and oily areas, or you could look for products that will help restore your skin balance. 



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