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Pristine water tanks are key to sustaining safe, clean, drinkable tap water in the UAE

In a bid to dispel unfounded myths on local drinking water, a new company has been launched to offer cleaning services for water storage tanks, which will address the potential health issues related to drinking from the tap.

Culligan KMA has been established by Culligan and local UAE company KMA to provide a range of cleaning services for water tanks in villas, apartment buildings, hotels and public buildings.

Providing complete water solutions for homes, hospitals, offices, restaurants and industrial plants Culligan recognised a need for these services across the Emirates in a drive to encourage more residents to drink tap water.

Marco Seghi, Service Director of Culligan Middle East, said: “We have created this new business to deliver on our assurance to keep the quality of water people have access to as clean as possible.

“Many people don’t realise that storage tanks in villas and buildings have the potential to become contaminated by external factors and microbiological growth.”

With access to the Culligan Group’s extensive experience in the water treatment industry, spanning over 80 years, Culligan KMA is primed to enter the market with effective solutions and advice on maintaining water tank cleanliness and hygiene.

Seghi said: “Dubai Municipality recommends water tanks are thoroughly cleaned every year. This doesn’t always happen and in some cases it’s done by companies that haven’t been accredited.

“Additionally, contaminants can get in through unclean piping, rather than the tank. To counteract this we’re using a fully biodegradable biocide disinfectant which ensures there’s no harmful residue left behind in the pipes.”

Culligan KMA is currently working with some of the top facilities management companies in the region and offers a range of testing and consulting services such as a full laboratory report before and after the tank cleaning, a certificate of sanitisation, and water sampling and testing for legionella and other biological factors.


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