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Say No to Plastic Furniture

When you think about decorating your home, shop, restaurant, garden or place, you think of many factors. These factors assist you in deciding what to buy and why to buy. Every item you jot down in the list of items to buy has a logical justification in your mind. When it comes to furniture, you want to buy something which is durable, easy to move and transport from here to there and of course the theme matching concept is also there.

Plastic Furniture – Often the Best Choice
Plastic furniture is quite popular these days. There are many reasons behind its popularity. As mentioned above, it’s easy to move and transport, it comes in so many colors and designs that we often find the one matching to our theme. But yes we must admit that it is less durable than wooden and iron furniture. The only furniture that is still not available or preferred in plastic is Sofa and Leather lounges. Besides these few furniture items, you can buy anything in plastic like chairs, tables, beds, cots, etc. If you are buying furniture for your garden, for any restaurant, for any other outdoor sitting then there’s 90% chance that you will consider about plastic furniture. The main factor will be the lower price and the lighter weight.

The Best Choice is the Bad Choice
What if I say that plastic furniture weighs more than you think? What if I say the plastic furniture costs much more than you think? I can guess that two words would be coming in your mind, i.e., “How” and “Why.” Don’t be confused that much because I am going to clear my point here in next paragraphs.

We are living in an ecosystem which can sustain itself despite the fact that the human race tried best to disturb it during the last few centuries. We cut trees in some part of the world; new trees are grown up in some other part of the world. At some parts of the world, we produce enough heat due to pollution while in another part of the world it rains and things are cooled down. So, somehow this system is sustaining.

But now we have invented few things which are disturbing and destroying this ecosystem. There are some chemicals and substances which are used popularly, but these chemicals and matters are destroying our system. Plastic is one of these matters which is used by almost every human on the earth in any form. It can be the plastic bag, plastic pots, and furniture and so on. Research has proved that plastic doesn’t break itself or dissolve to become organic again. It may take thousands of years for a plastic item to dissolve and to become an organic substance again. Our ecosystem cannot wait for that much, and if we didn’t stop using plastic, we would destroy our system.

So, can you imagine now how much weight these plastic furniture has and how much costly it can be? It can cost us the destruction of our ecosystem. It can weigh more than this whole world. So let’s start a campaign from ourselves that we won’t use or buy plastic furniture so that we may take part in saving this world and its ecosystem.



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