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Smart monitoring technology is the best way to track energy, water and waste

Smart monitoring platforms are the most effective and cost-efficient way to monitor waste generation and track the consumption of water and energy, says industry experts.

Enova, the regional leader in integrated energy and multi-technical services, is revolutionising the way companies track their consumption with its state-of-the-art portal – Hubgrade. Developed by its parent company, Veolia, the smart energy management concept utilises centralised monitoring and the expertise of mobile and on-site technicians to deliver guaranteed savings.

“Enova launched its Energy Saving Centre in the region three years ago and since that time it has collected a significant amount of data, enabling the company to identify and implement energy conservation measures that are tightly monitored and reported upon,” said Enova’s Chief Executive Officer, Anne Le Guennec.

“To build upon this approach, we have recently launched the global platform Hubgrade, a sophisticated data analysis tool which collects, analyses and reports on all resource usage, including waste generation, water and energy use. This ‘hypervision’ concept enables preventive action to tackle inefficiency, thus helping firms slash utilities use by a fifth.

A 2017 survey by Deloitte,1 conducted with strategy and market research firm Harrison Group, found that businesses increasingly analyse high-quality data to inform their energy management decisions.

The study, titled Energy Management: Sustainability and Progress, stated that the proportions of those who focus on high-quality energy data and data management – and of those who said that advanced analytical tools were widely deployed – were inching upwards. It added that 42 per cent report that executives have online access to energy information across the organisation with drill-down capability, a proportion that has risen steadily over the past two periods surveyed.

Thirty per cent of corporate respondents said advanced analytical tools were deployed, while 33 per cent said high-quality energy data and data management existed company-wide.

Hubgrade can be applied to any type of property, including large, multifunctional buildings, enabling Enova’s energy analysts to assess data against industry best practice and international protocol. By providing a clear, transparent overview of a site’s actual consumption, it identifies areas of optimisation and maintenance to be prioritised by the company’s staff on-site. Analysis is based on real-time monitoring and trends, with consumption monitored regularly and compared with benchmark values.

Enova manages over 2,500 sites across the region, including shopping malls, airports, offices, schools, hotels, clinics and residential buildings, and captures and monitors data from 11,000 data points. Thanks to this smart approach, which combines energy services with monitoring and maintenance from the start, costs can be reallocated whereby the energy savings pay not only for the initial investment to implement energy conservation measures, but also for constant consumption monitoring and any potential maintenance needed to improve the operational quality of the site as well as the lifespan of its assets. Spearheading the adoption of such initiatives in the MENA region is Francisco Ramalheira, who has been appointed Enova’s Director – Business Development and Marketing.

“Francisco is a skilled and highly valued colleague whose extensive operational experience has given him a thorough understanding of various business models and of our clients’ expectations,” Le Guennec added.

Ramalheira has worked for Enova since 2009 and was previously Director of Operations responsible for Bahrain, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. His experience spans involvement in more than 200 projects providing operational, technical and sustainability consulting services in Europe, South America and the Middle East, to clients with a diverse range of portfolios.


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