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Summer Driving Safety Tips for UAE

All weather has its own charms and challenges, so does Summer!
After the extended winters, summer has arrived at the corner. So, now it’s time to have some safety tips and prepare yourself to stay hydrated and active while driving in UAE during extremely hot temperature.
In summer, driving can be challenging and risky for the health and safety of drivers, passengers. Here are few tips that will surely helpful and safe while driving and travelling on the roads in summer here in UAE.

Double check your car’s battery:
Due to extreme heat, car’s battery can be damage. The continuous hot weather can lead battery to internal breakdown which eventually fails the battery at any period of time while you are driving. So make sure the battery is attached securely to protect it from any vibration. Plus always look up battery fluid, coolant is topped up to prevent battery from any failure, and try to turn off the car engine while in heavy traffic.

Hydrate yourself:
This is really important in hot weather for the driver to keep their self fully hydrated. Always keep a water bottle for yourself and passengers to control dehydration caused by hot temperature.

Tire condition to be maintained:
Tire puncture, tire flat or tire blowouts are the most common incidences that take place in hot/sunny weather, so this is important more than anything to keep the optimum level of pressure of tire and ensure it won’t be under inflated because this situation will increase the risk of tire blowout.
Better to inspect the tires every time before sitting in your car or start driving.

Your car must have enough fluids:
To keep your car running, it is important to always keep enough engines and vehicle’s fluid because these fluids play role of coolant and lubricate the car and carry heat away from different parts. Having insufficient vehicle’s fluid will decrease the cooling outcome and lead the car overheating. Always check these below fluids of your vehicle before you start driving:

Power steering fluid
Motor oil
Brake fluid
Transmission fluid

Maintain your vehicle’s air conditioning system:
It is important to maintain the cooling system of your car. A proper cool environment is necessary and defensive to protect you from severe heat waves and let you stay comfortable and safe while you’re driving. So it should be your priority that the air conditioning system of your car is properly maintained to effectively keep the interior cool down.

If you feel, air condition of your vehicle is having some problem or not working as it should be, it means it may have low refrigerant level. Visit your nearby technician and get it fix as soon as possible.

What to do if breakdown happens:
Bad things can be happen anywhere or anytime regardless how much you have tried to avoid it to happen. Even after, you take care and maintained your vehicle in all ways but still there may be a chance of breakdown. So you should be ready to handle this possibility, following are the things that you should have to cope up in this emergency situation:

Jumper cables
Basic hand tools
Road flares
A flashlight with extra batteries
Emergency beacon
Spare tire
Non-perishable food items
First aid kit

Hope these above safety tips will help you when driving during hot weather in UAE. f you want to get rid off your old used car and want to buy new car then you can sell car online.
Have a safe drive!


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