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The Most Eco-Friendly Places To Visit On Earth

Now that we can physically see the effects of global warming, we have become a lot more conscious about our impact on the earth. We shouldn’t just leave our efforts at home though, as taking a holiday abroad can have a severe impact on the earth if not done in an eco-friendly way. There are many stunning locations around the world aiming to combat environmental deterioration, meaning that you can go on a luxurious holiday while ensuring that the environment is left unharmed. Once you’ve applied for your ESTA visa online and got your finances in order, continue reading to learn about the most eco-friendly places on earth!

Costa Rica

You’ll always be left in awe when visiting Costa Rica due to the diverse range of wildlife present there, with unspoilt rainforests that seem like a destination out of a fairy tale. Considering that so many of our precious species are becoming endangered, visiting Costa Rica is a treat, as you can witness animals in their rightful, protected habitats. This small American country produces almost 93% of its electricity from renewable sources, ensuring that the gorgeous nature that surrounds the country remains untouched. Once you arrive in Costa Rica, you can respect the environment by travelling coast to coast via cycle, which will allow you to bear witness to all of the stunning landscapes without polluting the earth.


Recently becoming a very popular tourist attraction, Iceland is also an excellent place to visit if looking to save the planet when on holiday. The capital city Reykjavik is considered the cleanest city on the planet, and due to the country’s location on the mid-Atlantic ridge alongside its geo-thermal activity, the entire country is mostly powered by geo-thermal energy. Putting this aside, visiting Iceland won’t leave you short of activities to participate in. For a start, you can unwind in the evening and watch the beautiful Northern Lights dance in the sky away from any light pollution, making it a vibrant and mystical affair. Alternatively, you can relax in the natural heated pools of Myvatn Nature Baths, with picturesque snow-covered hills in the distance.

The Galapagos Islands

If serenity is something that you look for when going on holiday, we would highly recommend the Galapagos Islands, located off the coast of Ecuador. While completely cut off from the rest of the world, these islands are home to hundreds of different species. Approximately 90% of the land is designated national park territory, making the habitats unspoilt and in perfect condition for the wildlife.

For activities, you can snorkel in the oceans and see some of the most stunning marine life that you certainly wouldn’t find elsewhere. Get a spot while you can though, as there are restrictions on how many can visit the island, with each tourist required to recycle and conserve energy and water to maintain this bio-diverse region.

The Azores Islands

Located off the west coast of Portugal, the Azores Islands are incredibly scenic, yet listed as one of the most sustainable destinations in the world. The nature here is truly incredible, with an array of volcanos, tropical landscapes and crater lakes, making it a perfect destination to visit all year round. Thanks to their strong efforts to conserve local wildlife and use green energy, the Azores deserve their eco-friendly status. Relying on numerous renewable energy sources such as geothermic, biomass and wind, you can rest assured that you’re keeping the planet in immaculate condition when visiting this country.

Without taking an eco-friendly approach in life, several of our favourite holiday destinations will cease to exist. Travelling abroad doesn’t mean that we need to make the planet suffer, so by visiting these highly eco-friendly destinations, you can have a highly memorable holiday without having a negative impact on the environment around you.


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