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Three Ways to Improve Your Health, Happiness and Productivity

Looking for new and greener ways to improve our lives is something that most of us now aspire to. While some green choices, such as eating sustainably sourced food, are now ubiquitous among the environmentally friendly, there are many green choices that are not as obvious. Here we look at three ways in which technology can improve your health, happiness and productivity.

Vape for a Greener Environment

Vaping has become somewhat of a global phenomenon, but it is often misunderstood. As an alternative to smoking tobacco, vaping has been an amazing success story, as the number of people smoking tobacco has fallen dramatically. Companies like VIP Premium Vaping and E-Liquids provide products that can be up to 99% less harmful than smoking traditional cigarettes and that are also kinder to the environment.

Plus, some employers claim that allowing staff to vape in the office can have a positive effect on productivity, as there are less people popping outside to have a cigarette. In addition, staff who don’t smoke are less likely to become frustrated by smokers taking more breaks than they do.

Apple Watch 

Billed as “the ultimate device for a healthy life”, the Apple Watch has many facets that could help improve your health, happiness and productivity. The Green Kitchen app, for example, offers ideas for healthy, nutritious meals, while LifeSum will track what you have eaten and drank each day and then use the information to tell you how many calories you have consumed.

For more information, visit LifeSum website.

The Apple watch can also give prompts and reminders to help you stay fit and healthy and as this technology is wearable you are less likely to miss them.

Mindfulness Apps

Researchers have found that mindfulness apps, when used regularly, can measurably reduce stress. Mindfulness apps are aids to meditation and are designed to give the user a well-deserved break from the strains of modern life. Products like Headspace and Clam offer guided relaxation sessions that are said to leave the user relaxed, inspired and refreshed.

To start with, the sessions take just 10 minutes per day and the results have surprised many of those who have now become regular users.

Taking an holistic approach to our daily lives and proactively striving for greener and more sustainable ways to live can make a really big difference over time. Using technology is just one of the many ways in which we can do this in our search to improve our health, happiness and to become more productive.


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