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Tianjin Globe Express Services collaborates with V4 Advisors on Greenhouse Gas audit

Tianjin Globe Express Services (GES), a leading provider of supply chain solutions, recently collaborated with V4 Advisors DMCC, a consulting, advisory and project development company specializing in the environment, to conduct a Greenhouse Gas (GHG) audit at its Chinese facility.

The initiative highlights GES’s commitment to regular GHG auditing and reporting from its facilities worldwide as part of its sustainability measures. The project successfully engaged the team in implementing and expanding on the company’s environmental strategy with an emphasis on GHG auditing and reporting. V4 Advisors commended GES’s efforts and commitments to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), specifically Goal 13 which focuses on Climate Action.

Goal No 13 on Climate Action – one of the UN’s 17 SDGs, urges member states to take immediate action to tackle climate change and its impacts. Greenhouse gas emissions from human activities are driving climate change and continue to rise. The recent Greenhouse Gas audit conducted by GES as part of its ongoing efforts towards the achievement of sustainability goals aimed to monitor and reduce emissions and boost adaptive efforts to combat climate change. GES is among pioneering companies in implementing sustainability practices in the sector and strongly promotes eco-friendly behaviors and other conscious choices that help create a clean and safe environment to live and work.

Mustapha Kawam, President and CEO, Globe Express Services said: “GES regularly audits and reports emissions from its facilities worldwide and the practice has set us apart from our competitors in the industry. The recent GHG audit held as part of GES’s continuous efforts to enhance sustainability measures to combat the effects of climate change once again underscores our commitment to a sustainable future and to improving environmental quality for our community.”

“Constant monitoring and management of emissions play an important role in efforts to combat climate change. The recent audit conducted at GES’s Chinese facility was comprehensive and successfully engaged the team in enforcing and enhancing the company’s environmental strategy with emphasis on GHG auditing and reporting. GES’s level of commitment to such practices for achieving sustainability targets is laudable,” said Rawad Massoud, Managing Director, V4 Advisors.


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