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Top Environmental Games That Will Teach Your Kids to Be Eco-Friendly

The generations of today are already bearing the brunt of having to live in a world that’s riddled by climate change and other environmental failures. However, despite these unfortunate scenarios, these same generations owe it to the upcoming generations to fully prepare them on the importance of being environmentally friendly. There are a number of ways in which we may impart future generations with such knowledge and one of those ways is through instructing them to play educative games that focus on the environment. Below, we highlight some of these games and the beauty of such games is that they are also accessible online, the very same platform where you access your own games such as online roulette, poker and blackjack. 

Recycle City
Recycle City is a very important game for all the young ones because it teaches them on good practices of recycling almost everything that they use and come across during their daily life. The game is pretty simple but very interesting. Kids will assume the role of a smart child when playing this game, this smart child’s life revolves around going to school and coming back home. In both settings i.e. the school and the home, the child encounters a lot of waste and has to make conscious decisions on how to recycle the waste. This is a must play game for your kid. 

Play Oil God 
Play Oil God is a bit complex game but nonetheless essential for your kid if you want him to grow with an eco-friendly mind. In this game, your kid will assume the role of an oil tycoon. As the oil magnate, the kid has to make decisions on how to supply his oil to the surrounding eight nations. In supplying the oil, your kid as the oil tycoon has to consider geopolitics, economic factors and important environmental factors. From the environmental factors, your child will grow up knowing that oil is a precious resource but should be used wisely as it has dangerous properties if used excessively. 

Green energy is the way to go today and when you let your kids access this game they will be able to learn all about green energy as they try to build a farm powered by windmills. In this game, your kid will assume the role of a farmer. This farmer wants to start a successful farm but wants to use wind as his source of energy. Therefore, he first has to mobilize the resources to build the windmills, proceed to look for strategic locations to place the windmills and then construct them. This is a really important game which helps your kid to grow up with the right mindset, a mindset which knows that the way to go in the modern world is using and relying on green energy. Though this game may come as a bit complex, it’s imperative that you play it together with your kid guiding him and also educating him about the importance of relying on green energy. 



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