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Top Five Latin America Eco road trip Adventures

Over the last few decades, Latin America has experienced an expanded ecotourism industry. Almost every country in this region Mexico south to Argentina to name a few are emerging as a premier destination for outdoor adventure. The reason behind this is the fact that Latin America’s geographical proximity to the United States is relatively inexpensive prices, abundant natural resources, and peaceful political situation.

Best of all because of their gradual transformation into world-class havens for eco-minded tourists; as a tourist if you had the time and the money to undertake just one extensive trip by road, which continent would you go? I guess you had choose Latin America as it is cheap and we all know money is one factor  that seem to be the only things stopping many people from undertaking their ultimate dream vacation. We have listed below top five road trip for latin America eco tours you can take that we believe all adventurous souls would enjoy. 

•    Galapagos Islands, Ecuador 
One of the most tourists flocked places out of our list as it homes endemic species than anywhere else in the world. To enjoy everything about this beautiful place you can go on a road tour with to see marine iguanas, boobies, mangrove forests, giant tortoises, volcanoes, seals, whale sharks, and many more.

•    Rock climbing in Patagonia
Patagonia is a 260,000 square miles in southern Argentina and Chile occupying pristine expanse of dry, desolate land that was discovered in 1520by Ferdinand Magellan. The region is common among trekkers from all around the world because of its abundant wildlife and dramatic mountain peaks.

•    Mexico’s copper canyon
The remote and rugged Copper Canyon been one of the continent’s largest canyon systems is located in northern Mexico buried in the heart of the Sierra Madre Mountains and just a few hundred miles south of El Paso. This place offers different tour operators in the area like “Hike and Bike” tours, giving travelers a unique way for hardy travelers to experience the canyon’s natural wonders. There is the route you can take to reach some historic mining village of Batopilas to the Lost Cathedral of Satevo, before walking the ancient trails of the Tarahumara Indians.

•    Corcovado National Park
This is Costa Rica pride and joy – home to each of the country’s different jaguars that roam the forest floor, scarlet macaws fly over the head by the flock, monkey species, hundreds of miles of trails weave in and out and thundering waves crash on pristine Pacific beaches.

•    Hiking the Inca trail to Machu Picchu
This is Peru’s most popular tourist attraction, and it was built dated back as far as 1440 AD, and it draws more than 500,000 visitors every year – the site is one of UNESCO World Heritage site. It’s easy to see why, as you will see the entire impressive giant stone walls, luscious green terraces overlooking a canyon and old temples. However, note that it's not easy reaching the top as it is at altitudes of up to 13,700 feet. You will sure have a lifetime of memories after the jaw-dropping views along this 500-year-old trail. 



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