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Top simple ways to stay green in school

School is supposedly a place where you learn about all the values of life, but often times it’s hard to stay green, even in school. Many schools across the country are displaying similar traits which go against what it means to care for the environment and for personal health. However, this doesn’t mean that we have to choose between going green and going to school. In this article, we will provide a quick and easy guide on how to deal with staying green in school as well as simple tips on how to preserve that state.

Pack organic treats

One of the biggest problems when it comes to staying green in school is represented by the unhealthy food choices that the school provides and the students indulge in. There are fastfood and junkfood opportunities at every corner, not to mention a lot of trash left behind by those that are done savoring their sweet delights. With that said, how can a person stay green in such a place? It’s easy, you just have to pack your own organic treats. Make sure that you go by your local source of organic produce and get a bunch of the things you like most. You will surely be able to hack up a wonderful meal that you can enjoy during lunchtime. And for those days you're short on time, you can't go wrong with one of our favorite vegan protein bars for some clean energy you will feel good about.

Use digital devices instead of paper

If you’re not learning at a school or university that allows the free usage of digital devices during classes, this one might be al little hard for you to do. However, you might find some luck explaining the situation to the academic authority there. Even if you have to resort to primate pen and paper for your classes, there are plenty of other situations in which you can switch to digital. Keep a digital schedule on your phone or a small tablet instead of writing it down on paper. Also use a digital screen for all your planning and organizing needs. If you can, get your textbooks in a digital format as well. As this helps you stay green and protects the environment about the horrendous effects of tree cutting. With today’s digital solutions, there’s hardly any reason to use paper, as you can even order an essay writing service digitally. For example, Grademiners is one of the best essay service providers.

Be the leader you’re looking for

If you are new to a school or just can’t find someone active about nature and personal health, become that person yourself. If your school doesn’t really show a lot of support for going green, you might be able to change their minds. By becoming the spokesman of the “go green” initiative, you will be able to motivate and entice others to follow your lead. It doesn’t hurt to try and unless you’re the only one with common sense in a very large radius, you will surely meet some likeminded individuals.

You can always look into great DIY projects that you can do as a group like creating a garden or placing recycle bins throughout the school.


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